Saturday, April 28, 2007

I have heard from employees at the local "happening" Cd store; Soundscapes that the owner; Greg sells magazines almost at cost because he believes it is important for people to read and learn about music.

I love this idea! In fact, this is something that I remember taking on early in life when I decided for sure I was going to be an artist. Yes, it is true, art didn't find me...I found it. I wanted to learn about visual art, dance, poetry and more. Since this turning point at around the age of I have been fairly obsessed with reading about art. More specifically, I love to read interviews with artists.

I just bought a book with something like 22 interviews with the great artist, saxophonist Steve Lacy who is a bit of a role model for me having met, and hung out with and eventually performing with him too.

Today's arts section in the Globe has a good feature on Sarah Polley. Among other things, she explains why people desire fame. She is a smart cookie and quite articulate (and I think she is still one of my neighbours) I look forward to seeing her directorial debut that is opening at theatres soon.

If you are a friend of mine, unfortunately you have to put up with emails and phone calls where I try to encourage you to read these books, articles, interviews etc. where I received inspiration and other treats. Perhaps I should apologize to you now as I can't really see this slowing down...haha.

Back to the banjo!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I will always remember, many years ago, bassist Jim Vivian saying that we play music because we love it so much..(or something like that)

It seems obvious but it is not. The reason we play is because we are passionate about it beyond the usual music fan. You can tell when you hear music played by people that no longer love music, and it does happen for sure.

Anyways, I am excited as I just bought tickets to see Cecil Taylor play solo piano here in Toronto on June 1 and the next day my friend, the world's greatest tuba player; Howard Johnson will be in town playing with Carla Bley and a local big band.

What a weekend!

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