Thursday, March 01, 2007

I have been noticing this week that time seems to be moving at a ridiculously fast pace. When I mentioned to Paul at the photo copy shop that I hadn't seen his boss; Jim in a while he responded by telling me Jim left over a year ago. (!)

Today I got an email from Paul Neufeld letting me know about NOJO's Mondays in March at the Trane It made me realize that not only have I not seen this band play in a long time but I am not sure when the last time I saw my friends Paul and Michael. (a very long time!)

When I think about what year felt like just now and that I may only have somewhere between ten and fifty years left to live it kicks my ass to say; keep it moving Posgate!


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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One thing I have learned (although it took me about 8 years) is that as a parent/artist I can still go to films, gallery openings, concerts, plays etc. but I often have to miss the "hang" after. It is a drag as this is the time you really digest your feelings about what you just saw and spend time with your peers often learning so much.

It was true recently when I saw the really good play called Four Horsemen as I saw it with two of my friends who introduced me to this type of work and I would have loved to hear their thoughts on it. Still, I prefer seeing it with no immediate dialogue than not seeing it at all.

As a parent, I feel that everything, every action, every choice etc. relates somehow to my kids and my family. Unfortunately, this is something that is hard to understand if you don't have kids and I think that I continue to understand this more and more as my kids get older.

p.s. Keep having kids...the world needs more artists! (or environmentalists, or good teachers, or left minded politicians...)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

wow....this is a great conference...I am listening (sort of) to a great panel right now on podfade...yes that is me. slowed down to a halt. I am so pumped to get going again..maybe its the coffee!!!

So many ideas so little time. Please drop me a line with more questions about this Podcamp. I look forward to connecting online with all the neat folks I have met here.

Check out this video comedy show I just heard them talk and they were, cool, informative and funny.

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Hi folks, I am at the Podcamp on the Ryerson U campus. Nice people, free coffee and far so good. (obviously a good wireless connection!)

Just wanted to let you know you can check out the panel I am sitting on live streaming video at ll30am today.



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