Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do you want to test if you are addicted to hockey? Do you need you think about it all the time? Do you wonder if you are into it or not?

All these questions can be answered by clicking here. If the sound alone doesn't make you want to run down to the park immediately and strap on your blades...the answer is no, you are not addicted to hockey.

Thanks to my pal John Sobol for this link (although, I havent gone past the main page) You can see John's new blog by clicking here.

John is a wonderful poet, saxophonist (often seen on the Album Live shows) and an all around interesting dude.

cheers,...go...go check out that hockey link...beautiful. Simple.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

There is so much happening on the "cultural scene" these days and it seems like I can never attend...even these free screenings etc.

Tonight at 630 Cinematheque is showing ten films relating to the great composer who passed away recently; James Tenney.

I am so tempted to play hookey (not hockey) on my french class tonight. (seems silly as I am only taking it for my own good)

Then, tommorrow night, 630 again there is a free talk/interview with Michael Snow at the AGO. Not to mention, I keep finding out about poet friends of mine and their readings the day after they happen!! I wish everyone had a blog and/or mailing list...Oh well.

p.s. thanks to Ron Gaskin for the great feature on Tenney today on his show AM/FM (wednesdays at 7-11am, 88.1 FM)

Monday, January 22, 2007

I continue to buy the Globe on Saturdays as I enjoy the ritual of having a paper to read that morning when I am home. (or travelling) I have slowly switched over to alternative news, arts and sports sources online but refuse to let our national paper become an American sales pamphlet.

Here is yet another letter I wrote to the editor at the Globe today. (I suppose I might have trouble getting ink myself down the road...but sometimes you gotta pay the price)

Hi there,

as a Canadian artist, a Canadian citizen and a regular reader of your Weekend paper I am again disappointed by your coverage of Canadian arts.

Really, it is pathetic this week. I finally find two tiny paragraphs on page 3. (both barely count as Canadian content)

Steven Seagal, Simon (idol guy for sure) Robert Redford photo?

Finally on page 7; your theatre writer insists on giving one star to someone he describes as the most prolific Canadian playwright of his generation.

Yes! 9...finally an interesting article about a Canadian artist followed by a few more decent articles tucked in the back of the section.

We wonder why we have little confidence as Canadian artists. As the editor of our National paper you have the power and the obligation to elevate, support and inspire our Nation's art scene.

Please make some effort to make our National paper one that sells our great artists both across our land and as it is read worldwide.

Your job is important and serious to our future, please act accordingly.


Tim Posgate

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