Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am pretty pumped about going to the Leafs game tonight. Any time I get into the ACC to watch the blue and white play I get pretty excited. Darcy, Mats and the boys are a fun team to watch this year and it makes it extra exciting.

I am working on a grant application and still practising lots of banjo. This is the first notice for a gig this Sunday at The Central which used to be the Red Guitar. It is the newest version of the Rob Clutton band...very interesting sound and new music from Rob. Try this on for size:

Lina Allemano, trumpet
Ryan Driver, analog synth, flute
Mit Etagsop, banjo
Rob Clutton, bass and acoustic guitar

Hope to see you there for a 930 start, two sets, $5 cover.

tim (mit etagsop)

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