Friday, November 17, 2006

Here is a video someone made for John Oswald's plunderized Doors tune.

Saw a really good film tonight at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. (just down the street)

It was Michael Snow's Corpus Collosum. It was shot digitally and involved much animation for special effects that were often quite comedic. The majority of the movie was a seemingly endless slow pan across an office setting with all kinds of strange and subtle happenings. One of the funniest, that seemed to allow the office workers thoughts or dreams to come alive was the massive penis of one worker slowly growing and moving towards the woman mounted on the desk across from him with her dress pulled up.

The Q and A with Michael after was almost as interesting as the movie (though much shorter). One of his comments made me want to think further about why I liked this film so much. It was his response to a question about the meaning of the film and he said that was up to us.

The sound track was minimal and sounded like an analog synth stretching a single pitch to its limits. Also, throughout the entire film we could hear the director (mr. Snow) cueing people into scenes, making camera directions etc. (and often see him and the cinematographer in reflecttion in mirrors, windows etc.)

I asked him about that after and he said something about confirming for the viewer that it was just a film and was not reality.

I was quite impressed to hear from some of the animators that were present that there was very little improvisation. I was sure that the nature of the software would inspire ideas on the spot for his "director's palette" but apparently the whole script and diagrams for each animated event turned out almost exactly as planned.

One of my favourite parts was the credits during the middle of the film. They were typed in real time by Darren Werschler-Henry. The film had quite a large cast that included John Oswald who was also in attendance at this screening.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Never say never...I sort of understand that expression a little more these days. My next door neighbour is directing a reality TV show and they are looking for a them song SO....I took a couple of my catchier, rockin tunes and re arranged and recorded them for little demos for him.

I was quite suprised at how fun it was...perhaps it would be different if I did it every day and it was my bread and butter etc...but, for now... good fun. Wish me luck.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I have been part of an email "chat group" or bulletin board (not sure what either of those are technically) called Jazztalk for many years now. It includes many wonderful artists from across the country as well as jazz fans alike.

I have created what they call an imix on itunes that features music of some of these artists (including the Tim Posgate Hornband featuring Howard Johnson)

You can buy one or all of these tracks here:


Monday, November 13, 2006

As you probably know...weekends here are all about hockey. A big moment in my life (you may or may not understand this) was my son Dylan scoring his first goal in ice hockey. He actually got two on the same shift. I could hear him yell from the other end of the rink. He was so proud! (so was I)

I couldn't be outdone by my own son and popped a couple in myself last night.

So you know... you can watch all my videos HERE now. You can subscribe and any comments or ratings would be greatly appreciated.

Off to vote and buy some parts to fix our toilet (how exciting)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Here is a new one...not sure if they get better or worse. They certainly are fun to make. I did a lot of this one with my son Dylan (thanks Dylan!)

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