Friday, October 06, 2006

For those keeping score at home this is post #913 (no joke) on Canadian Jazz Life.

I am just about to put the finising touches on my next podcast, which was a fun interview with Ron Davis.

Also, my fave trumpet player Lina Allemano is hitting the road in support of her new Cd Pink Eye and coming to a "jazz bingo hall" near you! She is playing lots of gigs between Gabriola Island on the West Coast and Montreal over the next few weeks so check her out to see if she is coming to your home town!

And further local notes include the announcement today from vocalist and owner and manager of the Red Guitar that she has sold it to some folks that plan to continue having live music (hurray!) The place we know at 603 Markham will soon be known as The Central.

There won't be much blogging for the next little while as I will be doing some travelling so keep those cards and letters coming.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not a great start for the Leafs last night. It is clear that Sundin is ready to play and he looks fantastic. The ongoing problem seems to exist; who can play with him?

I am certainly happy to have hockey back in my life. Between playing, watching and taking Dylan to hockey there will be no shortage (oh yah...road hockey too!)

Even Jazz FM (toronto's 24 hour jazz radio station) has ads for CBC's hockey night in Canada. Funny. It really is omnipotent when you live in Canada.

hockey hockey hockey!

Monday, October 02, 2006

It was a bit of an exciting weekend as I made a new demo for the hornband (with guest tuba player jeremy trupp sitting in for Howard) for my Canada Council Application. This is asking for money to make another hornband record...hurray!

I recorded it at Jean Martin's he is getting good at the home recording thing.

I was done the paper work in time to courier it off to Ottawa before I picked up the kids at school. What a great feeling it is to finish a grant and get it in the mail...yes, I deserve this beer that I am drinking!

Only two more nights till the NHL season kicks off...hurray...

I have noticed my psychic powers are quite "on" these days...I am thinking of people quite often and they show up in my life only minutes later. (maybe this will help my weekly two dollar Pro-line hockey gambling addiction....hahaha)

p.s. now I am going to explore the bit torrent (sp?) world of downloading...any experts out there?

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