Saturday, September 23, 2006

special post for Rob Clutton

My pal, bassist rob clutton not only turned 40 in the last couple weeks (!) but in the same timeframe he performed with American outsider artist Jandek and his beatiful bass sounds were amplified and sent into outerspace to accompany our own Canadian Astronaut Steve MacLean in his space walk. David Mott employed Rob as his bassist on the piece that David was commissioned to write for MacClean's space walk.

Good week for Rob...his music was played IN space and he performed with an artist that is probably FROM outer space.

p.s. Hoping to go hear Rob perform tonight with AIMT's guest artist Joe McPhee at the Array Space at 9pm.

I love Saturday mornings. It is the one time of the week where I really chill out and don't feel like I should be doing something else. I read most of the Globe and Mail and the kids watch cartoons until noon. (the only day we allow morning tv!)

I just read a good blogposting from Dave Douglas about this weeks concert by Lina Allemano and Ingrid Jensen in his Festival of New Trumpet music in New York.

Last night I watched Antonioni's "the Passenger" again, this time with Jack Nicholson's commentary, which was as minimal as the movie but I was sucked into watching the whole film again 24 hours later.

I look forward to the coming days as well as the pressure is on to compose a couple new tune for the Hornband as we are making a demo in one week's time to apply for a grant to help pay for a new recording. I love composing but often need a deadline to allow me to allot the time to do it.

Another thing I enjoyed this week was watching Jeannette Lambert's home made video for the great opening track of her recent Cd with Paul Bley, Michel Lambert and bassist Barre Phillips.

I think I will make a little video like that...might have to shoot some more footage but it would be fun to edit together a little video and put it up on youtube. (then I would be part of the youtube generation!!...maybe I am already as I watch it everyday)


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Friday is World Carfree Day!!

I hug this concept passionately, not having had a car for almost two years now. (actually it was so nice to have a tow truck come and take away our old mini-van yesterday!...more room for road hockey on the driveway)

I try not to judge those that own cars, especially because I enjoy getting a lift to hockey every friday and other times that folks help me out with their wheels.

My main interest is getting people to consider the concept of being carfree. i.e don't take it for granted as we did growing up. We don't all need cars and our world cannot survive if we keep building and driving more and more cars.

Here are the details for Friday:

World Carfree Day

Friday, September 22, 2006 join more than 100 million people in more than 1500 cities around the globe in celebration of World Carfree Day.

It’s a world-wide celebration of a possible future, where streets are taken from the cars and given back to the people.

Streets are for People!, the gang behind PS Kensington, the More Parks – Less Parking petition car, and the highly photographed Kensington Garden Car, are promoting a giant Parking Meter Party and Parade.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Quite a day to see the Leafs playing against the leafs!! Thanks fot my friend Jen, I had a pair of tickets to the annual Blue vs White game. So good to see all my "leaf friends" up close in the Ricoh arena.

Sundin looks good and ready, as do Tucker, Kaberle and McCabe. Some new prospects with potential too!

Dylan and I even went right down to the third row to watch the overtime and shootout. He really liked did I.

Another exciting event in the evening was watching my pal Rob Clutton play with outsider music legend Jandek.

It was at a big barn of a venue out east where they do circus school.

If you don't know Jandek, i recommend checking him out on youtube or at least a little google action. He played synth and recited his recently written poetry...sort of sang too at times.

There was quite a mood in the room as this was his first ever Canadian concert after 45 some odd recordings...he really is a mystery.

I thought Rob and Nilan Perera and Nick Fraser did a really good job as his backup band. (not an easy task!)

Came home and watched the end of the Godard film I started on the weekend called My Life to Live (starring Anna Karina!)

Now, another day is half over and it is time to pick up the kids before I start teaching at 5pm. The days are full but no shortage of things getting done, and that feels good!

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