Friday, August 25, 2006

hi folks,
lots of cool podcast and blog news:
podcast 5 is going up as we speak. Fun interview with Dave Clark and kids! "Parenting as a musican"

Also this blog will be the official home of reports from the Guelph Jazz festival on the second weekend of September. (hopefully a few podcast interviews from there too!) Stay tuned for that!!

So you know, I cannot be reached by email until September 1 but you can still contact me by leaving a phone message at: 416 530-0688

Almost back to school parents...count the days, count the days.

your pal

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last night I played the Red Guitar with two new configurations. BBC included myself on banjo and Andrew Downing playing cello. Was fun, and funny as we were both aware of how nervous we were. (something neither of us have really felt for a long time)

This gig made me realize that no matter how much I practise, my $100 banjo is not going to play or stay in tune. Having said that, I had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again someday soon with a new instrument. (anyone want to loan me a good banjo?)

The music was mostly my original tunes (folky, bluegrassy little numbers) as well as Andrew's arrangement of Stompin at the Savoy and we played Scrapple from the Apple.

The second set was 20/40 Vision as the other guitarist Nate Renner is but 20 years old. Ravi Naimpally was playing Tabla (that was a treat!) Ravi's chops (for lack of a better word) inspired me to look toward a new regime of practising for the fall.

Nate played some piano too which I quite enjoyed. Improvised music is so tricky...especially when you have never played together before. I often think that if 50% or more comes of decent or better, I am doing ok. (I think this is one of the reasons I don't play a lot of purely improvised music) Of course those that dedicate their lives to improvised music have higher percentages, which is why we buy their cds and go to their concerts.

Anyways, it was a bit of a celebration of the end of an era for me. It will probably be my last Red Guitar gig and maybe even the last time I go there...who knows. (as the future, regarding the sale of the business etc. is unsure)

Great memories, great music, great people, great fun. Many thanks to my friend Corry Sobol; a special person that created a special place that provided us all with a special year.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Hi blogville,

a couple quick things before I get back to work on our batman superman film that the kids and I are working on (our first day of shooting only added up to one minute of edited film...pretty fun)

Wednesday night I am performing at the red guitar. The first set will be myself on banjo and andrew downing on cello (930pm) and the second set will be improvised music featuring myself(guitar), ravi nampally (tabla) and nate renner (guitar)
and that set should start around 1030pm. Please check the august schedule here for more details.

Also, check out my new podcast #5 that will be feature Dave Clark, Ravi Nampally and Jim Creegan (barenaked ladies) speaking about parenting as musicians. (should be up by tonight or tommorrow!)

timmy p

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