Saturday, July 15, 2006

besides the fact that I lost my house keys and i think they had my address attached to them things are going really well these days.

i am truly in the summer groove and I am dedicating this summer to my Grandma who turns 100 on August 23 and to my banjo because I finally got some finger picks for it and it rocks!

People told me to get these things forever but I never listened. Then,..the other night I watched a bit of a Bela Fleck DVD and it had awesome closeups of his right hand. I rushed out immediately to Long and McQuade and bought these and now I can't stop playing.

Backyard, beer and banjo. ('nuff said?)
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Well...I have gone and done it. I have heard others allude to it. I always wondered how anyone could be so stupid. I used to wonder how people would react. I wondered and heard others discuss the retrieval of it. I am screwed.

I erased my In-Box.


I was trying to make room on my hard drive and I really don't know how I did it. Something to do with using the control or shift key and trying to high light downward but ended up doing something else.

The unbearable lightness of an empty in-box.

Kind of nice.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Nice to be home again. I think that weekend at the Vancouver Island music Fest was definitely the punctuation mark that started off a great summer for me.

I heard so much amazing music. We were taken great care of, fantastic food, venues, backstage hospitality etc.

Now I am ready to play with my boys. Off to the wading pool...

Hoping to get my podcast up later tonight when everyone is asleep. (sorry for the delay)

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

I love when I get to do these kind of posts! If you could only see and here where I am right at this moment. I am backstage (three feet from the main stage) at the Vancouver Island Music Festival...oh my god...please mark this place on your calendar for a vacation someday. This is easily one of the greatest festivals I have ever played at.

There is a killer New Orleans boogie woogie (that is totally the wrong term..haha) band onstage right now. Steve Earle just finished a beautiful solo set and we heard a killer Jerry Douglas workshop today too.

I guess I should be telling you about our gigs. They have been fun. Any time I spend with the band is cherished time for me. Howard Johnson is a special person, a great artist and a good friend.

We are playing the mainstage at 1:15 tommorrow which is kind of exciting. We had a bit of an impromtu rehearsal on a hill today and tried my new tune "going to the island" and I think we will try it tommorrow... if I can be brave enough.

Backstage here is pretty heavy, food is killer, music rocks, tonnes of friends new friends. I am a lucky guy.

thanks for reading.

P.S. Extra shout out to Nancy. Howard is well!

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