Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wow what a week...not only was I published (not sure of the true definition of published) in a poetry magazine (Pschyic Rotunda 6) but I was also read aloud at a local poetry reading yesterday. Wish I was there. Actually, I am not sure I do as I might had to have defended my stance on creativity and what it is or isn't as discussed in my poem/piece.

Actually, it was just an email I sent to a group I belong to where we discuss such matters but one of the guys, John Barlow takes his day to day email and works it into art, his living blog or virtual it what you will John is a great artist and always making something happen!

Thanks for including me John!

too bad about the Oilers...I am hoping the ghost of Saturday hockey will boost their spirits this weekend for a classic 8pm game on the ol CBC (channel five...cable 60

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