Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I really don't like blogging when I am not in the mood but I need to get word out about Saturday's gig. (blogging is all about fun! no?)

We rehearsed today at Don Thompson's house and what a treat. Having Don on his beautiful grand piano and Clutton on Don's bass and nick fraser on his drums was a perfect setting for playing music.

Rehearsals are funny as you are usually short on time (today it was me as I had to pick up the kids) and you do brief "run-throughs" of tunes and hardly have time to really work on anything.

It still felt great. I am really looking forward to this gig. We are doing a lot of old tunes of mine, a Sonny Greenwich tune, an Ornette tune and a beautiful new tune that Don wrote. (oh yes, some standards and one of my fave Rob clutton tunes)

So here are the deets:
Tim Posgate Quartet featuring Don Thompson (piano)
Saturday May 27, 8pm
The Red Guitar, 603 Markham St.

Hope you can make it!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hi Folks..this is just a quick hello to let you know I am lost in the wonderful world of family land. I have much to write about but no time or energy right now. In urban speak we say; " I am swamped!"...I get a little tired of hearing people say that every day so I just tell people I am busy at home.

Please send cards, letters and cheques to:

it is spelled G R O V that is an inside joke.


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