Wednesday, May 17, 2006

do you ever get those pains in your chest...busy stressful days...rushing around?

Well I thought I would tell the Doctor today at my annual physical. He did mention I could loose a little around the waiste but said I am quite healthy. Even my cardiogram said I have something-rhythmia...? Anyways it means you have a heart that is in excellent shape, like most athlethes would have. This is detected by irregular rhythm in the beat pattern of your heart. Cool eh?

I almost missed my appointment...i was just heading downstairs with an hour in front of me to practise guitar and Julie calls to remind me to head to the doctor. It was in ten minutes...I would have been on time but realized I hadn't showered yet today (or for how many days?) So jumped into the shower, onto the bike and was only about ten minutes late.

He is a good guy. I like my doctor. My dentist on the other hand...
p.s. see you at the party tonight? I wonder if they will have a tv to watch the hockey game...damn...

I was working on the podcast tonight. It is a lot of work, just figuring out how the heck to use the program audacity.

Another thing that is suprising me is content. I think I really thought for a while i could just talk and people might be interested...not. I am not really sure what this is going to be about...sure it is about me. I think there will be music and interviews...thats as far as I got...hahah.

i am wiped...goodnight.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I really wish I could write in detail about the fun workshop I attended today about podcasting or the fantastic debut of David Occhipinti's string quartet I just heard a few minutes ago at the Music Gallery but as usual, family "issues" are at the forefront. (or even the hockey game that I am watcing as I type!)

Leo has a bad cough and won't sleep, and won't take his cough medicine (ever) so I have to stick my finger in his mouth and force it in otherwise he is going to be up all night gagging. Unfortunately he nearly bit my index finger off my left hand and is freaking out and screaming as per usual.

I said to Julie tonight, anyone who has never lived with their partner and raised kids has no idea what it is like. I say this almost without exception; ie. you can be a dedicated Uncle, a close friend, a part time parent, or all of these things, you still really have no idea. I used to say, imagine your worst fight you have with your partner and multiply that times ten...fortunately the highs are as high as the lows are low...

I look forward to getting back on track, doing some laundry, paying some bills and being a is this art obsession that is screwing everything up.

Happy Mothers Day!! I miss my Mom today. I always do on Mothers day. It has been over a decade since she died of Cancer. The happiness and beauty that we have in our house in completely because of her. She taught me everything I know about being a parent. (Okay I learned some stuff from you too dad!)

The sadness is slowly washed away today with all the happiness in celebrating the Mother in our house. Dylan insisted on having a baguette to prepare breakfast for his mom. i went and got one.

We were very successful in our quest yesterday with the red wagon, gather split plants from friends in the neighborhood. Thanks so much to Andi, Ken and Don, Miranda, Yesim and Cynthia (who even dropped off the plants after we missed them in our afternoon travels)

Now I am off to an all day workshop (on mothers day??) about podcasting as part of Digifest at Harbourfront.

Looking forward to it. Those of you out there who are regular readers....beware...things are going to change here pretty soon...I would guess.

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