Saturday, April 29, 2006

I have to blog now as if I drink any more red wine I will surely falll asleep. (although I am still able to type!)

I had one of those days where I realize my life is so good I don't ever want to count on it continuing this way. For example, I went to two art openings of friends of mine between 3 and 530pm today. we paced around, discussed art and life and drank wine and shared stories of our children (I tried to get Dylan to come with me but he didn't wnat to come....although he says I didn't really make it clear where I was going)

I come home and the son is shining, a beautiful dinner and my happy family in my nice house and I think (as I said before) how long can this last. I love it, I take the good and the bad and try to be a family member first and foremost (Dylan was teaching us many things tonight as a member of our family at the dinner table)

Here he comes down the stairs to watch the Senators game. I told him he could watch the whole thing tonight (we shall see!)

drop me a line ok, 'cause I know you are reading:

p.s. had fun hearing Murley at the Rex last night. Some of the most emotional saxophone playing I have heard in my life. (and this was the Rex at 1am....go figure)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I was trying to decide to which of the four events I wanted to attend tonight...then my date cancelled and now I am frozen on the I really going to watch two hockey games again tonight?

Oh well...time will tell (tim will tell). Often I find myself in discussions with other musicians about why people in Toronto don't go out to hear live music (see previous paragraph...haha). We often talk about the internet, or the way Torontonians are etc. Then you go to any show of a popular artist and it will be packed. This to me is more of the reality. People do go out but the market is saturated. There is only so much room for successful local artists in any city.

Another reason, one of my pet peeves is that musicians rarely let friends, their mailing lists etc. know about gigs if it is not their gig (ie. their name on the marquee) Tonight is a perfect example; I call a pal to go out and hear some music, his girlfriend tells me that he is performing around the corner with a good singer songwriter that I quite like. Ironically, him and another good friend and aquaintance are in this band. But, no calls, no I smell?....

I hope their gig is packed...we shall see if I find out (ie. do I leave this couch) but if it is not. In this case; I know why.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

why am I blogging when I could be practising you anwser he replies...sheepishly.

Fun listening to Gaskin on the air today. Lots of email interest in the Red Guitar in last 24 hours. I wonder sometimes what inspires a flourish of interest from artists.

I am in a strange phase of falling asleep watching playoff hockey these days. After a long day with kids, teaching, work etc. I am pretty wiped by the third period (or first period of the late game) I think I should just embrace it. You?

I really wish I had more time to get slick on my palm (code for needing to learn about my new electronic organizer) Seems this will be a slow process. Oh well. It is fun looking for wi-fi connections all through the hood!

I am going to jump on my bike to quickly check out a new friends art show (enjoy a bit of sun) before I make it home for a lpm rehearsal.

cheers in your beers!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I often say; if all I had to do was be a parent life would be pretty easy. Today is sort of a funny example of that. I didn't do any work...ok, a few emails for Red Guitar business...but really it was Birthday party all day. It was fun and easy. I am lying. Seven, seven year old boys for two hours of indoor activities is not easy. It was fun but not easy. I am still in home mode as I am watching hockey playoffs. (yet another relaxing endeavor) I really do look forward to focusing more on my music in the next couple weeks. (this has almost been like a well deserved holiday) I am always thinking about music, taking notes, reading and tones of listening both detailed and background listening but always lots of music. I am still enjoying the Bill Evans biography. (if I had more money I would certainly walk out and buy about three Bill Evans records tommorrow!)

I really hope Calgary comes back to tie this game. I have a hard time cheering for Ottawa in the other series (major Leaf enemies) but I really like to see the Canadian teams advance.

I hear my email "ringing" so better get back to that.

p.s. The downside of this laid back type of weekend is I missed all the good shows I had written in my book including Nilan Perera with Suzana Hood and the John Oswald opening. What else is new? I just keep writing em down.

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