Friday, March 31, 2006

I have decided not to go to hear Wayne Shorter on Wednesday. I am somewhat relieved as it means I will be able to afford to see some of the other shows (of which there are so many this week (Monk's Music Special Series at the Red Guitar, Eve Egoyan at the Glenn Gould, Anthony Michelli, Nick Fraser's 30th bday party at Tranzac (that young freak!)

Also, don't forget about the Helen Porter Storytelling concert Tuesday 8pm at Lula Lounge, as part of the Storytellers of Toronto Festival. Also featuring Rob Clutton and Lina Allemano...among others!

Oh by the way, I know it is crazy (and sometimes I feel ridiculous saying things like this) but i am not crazy about the new Wayne Shorter disc. Ok, I only heard it once so far but event the style of music is something I am not totally interested in at the moment. The simplest way to describe this type of music is post-Miles' 60s bands.

I guess they will take away my jazzer card for this...oh well. I will fight them to keep it!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I was just perusing (sp?)the Rex Jazz Club website to see if I could steal some ideas for upcoming bookings at the Red Guitar when I noticed that the Bloomdaddies are playing there this Friday.

I have always wanted to hear this group. It is lead by saxophonist Seamus Blake (who I first met at the Banff School of the Arts many moons ago)

Earlier today i was listening to a Cd that Rob loaned me featuring a great trio including a highly original and exciting American drummer. It was reminding me how some groups completely "lean on" the individuality of its members. I suppose this would be fine, except that drummers like this one are in so many groups, recording and touring all over that it makes it hard for any of the groups he is in to be extra special etc.

I am only thinking out loud (again) to see how this relates to my projects. (bellybutton time?) ie., I am lucky to have very talented and unique musicians in my groups but my question to myself is; am I able to offer something to the listeners that goes a fair bit beyond just band chemistry?

I suppose another interesting question would be how does this relate to adhoc improvisation recordings and concerts. (let's go for a beer and chat this one out shall we?)

Please vote for the Tim Posgate Hornband in Electric and Acoustic Group of the Year at the National Jazz Awards

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I went down to the basement today and found my 7 year old son sitting alone listening to Rush's great live album; All the World's a Stage. Not sure whether to be thrilled or scared...hahaha.

It turned out my 40th bday gig at the RG was a lot of fun. How many fourty year olds can say that 3 people from their kindergarden class came to hear them play a gig. hmm...anyways, I thought that was cool.

Lots of fun, and I thought Jazzstory sounded great. I am still trying to figure out what to do for a next recording and these gigs definitely tipped the scale in that direction.

Sad about the Leafs, but I am still watching them. Second period just about to start.

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