Friday, March 10, 2006

Please take a look at the new Jazziz magazine (march...with Brad Mehldau on the cover) page 45 for a beautiful (and funny) photograph of my friend, jazz tuba legend; Howard Johnson. He is among a few other great photos of Dizzy, Miles and a couple more artists.


Please vote for the Tim Posgate Hornband in Electric and Acoustic Group of the Year at the National Jazz Awards

Oh my god (and I am not talking Mats Sundin here....)

I have not blogged in ages!! so sorry.

It has been a little crazy, my brain extra tired with family visiting from Quebec that don't really speak english. (reminds me how terrible my french is)

How bout those Leafs. I just put some money on them today to make the playoffs. Come on boys!! For Leaf fans like me, the last few weeks before the playoffs are our playoffs!

I am flipping through my free subscription of Jazziz (how young is Brad Mehldau?...good make up artist?)
I really want to write an article to the Editor of the globe regarding his comment yesterday about how it is okay to raise the tuition at Universities in Canada. He claims you go there to get a job that will pay back your debts soon enough. Hello...?

What happened to institutions of higher learning. This sounds like the US of A to me. Perhaps they should raise college rates? Yes, you generally go to College in Canada to get a job. Perhaps there should be major exemptions for artists etc. going to University. Imagine a jazz saxophone player, fresh out of school owing $40K. It happens all the time! Crazy.

I am listeing to Dexter Gordon. Wow...his musical ideas are so direct, clear etc. Beautiful. Our Man in Paris.

I am your man in Toronto, gotta put my hockey gear in the wash and pick up the kids.

over and OUT!!

Please vote for the Tim Posgate Hornband in Electric and Acoustic Group of the Year at the National Jazz Awards

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My heart was "a-flutter" when I went upstairs and found my 6 year old son playing with the radios. (why are radios the coolest and most romantic "media machines" around these days?) He found one of my vintage AM/FM garbage picks that I just moved to the kids playroom and started looking for music he liked. Next he was on a radio in another room trying the same thing. Then he wanted me to help him find "91 Jazz FM" (his words)

Wow, marketing, branding etc. pretty scary stuff. Could be worse I guess!

p.s. Leafs for sale: Antropov, Balfour...ok...everyone but Sundin and Tucker!

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