Friday, December 09, 2005

Tonight started off a little bit in the wrong direction as I went out of my way to try to hear two of my students(the same ones who made the film I was referring to in an earlier post) playing in their rock band at Funhaus on Queen St. tonight. Unfortunatlely they forgot to tell me that their set was moved to an earlier time. At that point, when I arrived I was grumpy. Did a little wandering, and finally ended up at the Red Guitar as planned to hear Tasa. Man they sounded great!! Definitely the best Tasa I have heard over the years. The place was packed and we had to turn people away again tonight. (good to make reservations there for dinner if you want to be sure to get in)

I had a good walk home in the brisk fresh air and picked up the latest Sigur Ross Cd which I listen to on itunes as I type to you. So nice to go by Soundscapes and find it open at ll:45pm on a Friday night. Yes, I love living in downtown Toronto.

I should be kind of tired as I started the day with a good game of ice hockey but I don't feel too tired. Interesting. I look forward to watching the Leafs tommorrow. I feel like I have been slightly out of touch with my blue and white friends.

Good night mittens,


Thursday, December 08, 2005

I often enjoy thursdays as I start off reading the paper at cafe Brasiliano. that is such a luxury to sit and read the paper for an hour while drinking their excellent coffee.

I was inspired after listening to Don and Reg and the REd Guitar last night and looking forward to playing some guitar today but ended up doing what I consider the opposite; working on press materials. I had to sit around reading quotes about me and trying to come up with some good ones for a mailer. Not fun. Maybe it would be more fun if I had more time in a week.

right now I am enjoying a john lennon biography on tv. He was my age when he was killed 25 years ago. So sad.

My tooth is still bothering me. It is a good reminder of how lucky I have been generally with my health so far as something like a tooth ache seems really major to me. We even had to go buy some advil as we don't even keep pain killer in the house.

I need to buy some more John Lennon records.

p.s. tommorrow.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What do you do with talent? Not something I have ever really had to worry about. But....I teach private guitar lessons to these two high school kids who are both really nice, interesting, quirky, moody, talented, creative, stubborn, lazy...anyways today they brought me their 1/2 hour film they made.

I liked it so much I watched it 3 times. is not brilliant or amazing, has technical flaws like bad sound etc. but for a first this is really good. Some of the shots and directing and even acting are excellent.

But what do I do to help these kids? Or do they need my help? I am trying to open up worlds for them by playing music for them they would never have heard, talking about film a bit, directors they don't know etc. but....what else?

It occurs to me that being a film maker in Canada would be a very frustrating passion. At least being a musician you can just write songs, practise your instrument and even play the odd small gig here or there but making films is a tough thing to dabble in, let alone make a living.

What do you do with talent? My friend Sandy's kids sing beautiful harmonies to their original songs that are pretty good and they are only 10 and 13. Do you try to give them a head start? I guess I would like to do things for these kids that no one did for me. Like I said...I never really had to worry about that.


Monday, December 05, 2005

Fun night at the Rex last night. Really great to hear Anthony Michelli playing with Quinsin's band. Everyone was so strong and the music was quite interesting. I think I understand more than ever why people write tunes on Standard chord changes. I still way prefer an original composition as a listener. I suppose, especially in a group where they are reading charts all night it is nice to play a tune that you know. Of course, one starts to wonder why people don't memorize changes if they are going to play in a band. (not that I always do!)

The comfort within the group was so obvious as they were all able to play on the time feel so loosely, sometimes taking turns laying it down and sometimes trusting each other that it was still there. Turcotte and Quinsin are inspiring to hear. Those guys can really play their instruments. (not a big newsflash...I know)

The other great thing about the Rex is seeing the huge new building that went up beside it and the Rex (Bob Ross) said NO!!! We will not sell. He should be given some kind of cultural award if you ask me. (then again...maybe all the people who run jazz clubs should.

I am enjoying a demo Cd that Caitlan Smith gave me last night. Quite an arranger!

over and out,

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