Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mark Miller's article in today's Globe and Mail quoted Ornette Coleman as saying; "In music you're only hired when someone activates the phone or writes you a letter."

I asked Steve Lacy not long before he died if he had any plans to come to Toronto and he replied; "If someone invites me I would love to come."

How many great artists, that have the ability to enhance, inspire and maybe even change our world are sitting at home because no one is calling?

At what point in time did it become the job of musicians to organize their own tours, make "applications" to festivals and apply for money for travel assistance etc?

I challenge presenters, booking agents and organizations to search out these artists and convince their communities, mailing lists and subscribers that these artists are top caliber, important and too good to miss. (I realise that this already happens in some cities as there are some strong festivals, presenters etc. that make things happen...we just need more!)

Work together with other presenters to; create lists of desired artists, enlist sponsors (hotels, airlines, granting bodies) and negotiate fees based on multiple bookings.

Here is a short list of artists that they might want to check out (just as a starting point!):

Don Thompson, David Braid, Lina Allemano, Paul Plimley, Christine Jensen, Danni Oore, Phil Nimmons, Rene Lussier, Rob Clutton, Marianne Trudel.

.How about the US?....Henry Threadgill, Ellery Eskellin, Andy Milne, Steve Coleman, Charlie Haden, Dave Holland, Dewey Redman, Howard Johnson...

Perhaps we need to look at what some of our institutions are doing about this:

What is going on at the National Library Jazz series? What should the Canada Council be doing to best use its resources for touring? (training jazz presenters for the future? hiring an in-house publicist?) What if our Colleges and Universities got more involved? Could the CBC be more involved or in touch with what is happening coast to coast?

I know this is just scratching the surface and I know we can't turn the clock back to the "good old days." I hope there are lots of other ideas of ways to gather resources, work together and improve the situation for touring jazz artists in Canada and the United States.

Tim Posgate, Toronto
October 27, 2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here is a link guitar players or guitar fans must check out.
I get asked by kids about these modern rock techniques and I have no clue. I might actually try and figure out a few of these things. I like the sounds!

p.s. Had fun down at CKLN this morning. Nice new location, studio etc. On the way home I spent the last of my HMV gift certificate from last Christmas on a Skip James record. I have never checked him out and really look forward to it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

please tune in to Mike Hansen's program tommorrow (wednesday)7-11am. CKLN 88.1 FM in toronto.

The show is also available to be streamed here

I am going to be on the air blabbing and trying to raise money to keep the station and Mike's show on the air. I should be there between about 830 and 9am.

this truly is a great show where you can keep up to date with what people are doing all over the world in jazz and improvised music.


My Yoga instructor was starting to use solo piano music in our classes. It was kind of Keith Jarrett...light. I Mentioned to him that I missed the other beautiful music that he played. I said that the piano music was like our "regular" world and I heard that music on instant coffee commercials and in lineups at the bank. The next class (earlier today) he had on the beautiful indian classical music I had grown to love. It still killed me in the Downward Dog!!

We can make a difference....sometimes it's really small.


Monday, October 24, 2005

I went away (I mean my blog did) for a few days. Not many people mean everyone doesnt read it every day? must be that you don't have my email address.

I am watching Revenge of the Clones with my boys as I make dinner.

I am currently working on some music to perform with Don Francks at this year's Grand Festival

He is a really interesting and fun guy and i look forward to spending some more time with him.

Ok, I am glad to be back and I will keep bloggin!!


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