Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Did you know about this benefit for Mike Hansen. He is a great guy, radio DJ Wednesdays on ckln 88.1FM from 7-llam playing improvised music and more each week. (my fave show!!)
and he had a space for a couple years that he donated to artists to put on shows. He Helped us out two years in a row with the Grand Festial of Autumnal Happiness

Anyways, he was broken into and lost a bunch of stuff and this great benefit should help out a little plus be a great hang with some very interesting music!


Monday, October 03, 2005

Anyone who doesn't think the timing of the start and the end of the CBC strike was all about hockey is kidding themselves.

Am I the only one who sees this? Management locked them out when they did as they knew a strike was looming and knew the union would wait to use hockey season as one of their bargaining tools. Now, of course management had to settle because Hockey Night in Canada (by far their largest money maker) starts this weekend.'s Canada: IT'S ALL ABOUT HOCKEY!!!!!


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Great night at the Red Guitar last night. Our first sellout. apparently they turned away at least 20 people. Not really a good thiing i guess but lets hope it keeps happening. Isn't there something appealing to people about a place they can't into?

I am not sure but I alwyas thought that was why dance clubs have those long lineups.

I wish I was there tonight (I wish i was there most nights) but I just can't go every night and have to usually wait and see what the day and/or night brings before I decide if I can make it.

bob wiseman is there and he is really great. I have no idea what he will do although I kinda doubt it will be too much in the jazz genre. Oh well...when I started booking the club I had wider ideas about what I thought might work there. Now I see that it really is a jazz club.

I was discussing this with Corry last night and I do think that as the reputation gets bigger and there is more of a walk up crowd I hope to make part of the clubs reputation to be an eclectic jazz club. We shall see.


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