Thursday, September 08, 2005

I am enjoying the day. Had a great coversation with Corry and Lisa Patterson last night about what lucky lives we lead and how it takes something like New Orleans (ie. close to home) to remind us of this. I am enjoying some of that luxury today as I work at my fancy computer, watch a replay of the great tennis match Agassi (my fave) played last night (usually I would never turn the tv on in the day unless there was a special hockey event!) and not feeling any pressure to fill every minute with practising, composing etc.

Having said that I am very inspired after playing with my new musical friend last night Marianne Trudel. She is so good. We are going to perform together again for sure. Her chops and here creativity remind me that I need to keep working hard to become a better les musicians jeune! (is that the spelling for young?)

I think I feel extra good today, even though I only slept for six hours as I am not drinking these days. On the wagon for a month. I like to clear out the system every now and again. (never tried it for a month before!)


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hi folks,

in this neck of the woods a lot of us get excited about this time of the year (besides the fact that our kids are back in school!) as the Guelph Jazz Festival begins today.

This year, not only can you hear a number of the concerts on the radio (and online at but also the Red Guitar (a new venue in Toronto) is bringing a number of the visiting Guelph artists to Toronto!

Here are the details on all that stuff (this means I can hear Rob Clutton's solo bass concert tommorrow...hurray!!)

Thursday, September 8 - John Oswald +2
Friday, September 9 - Gordon Michael Allen Trio
Saturday, September 10 - René Lussier /Tony Wilson /Tim Posgate
Sunday, September 11 - Solo piano Sundays, 9pm John Kameel Farah 10:15pm Veryan Weston (from London, England)

The Red Guitar Art House Café
603 Markham St., Toronto, ON M6G-2L7
Cover: $9 (plus tax)
CIUT Guelph Jazz Festival live concert series

Wednesday, Sept. 7th - 1-2p.m. - Gordon Allen's Powerbuch
5-6p.m. - Ensemble Pierre Labbe
8-9p.m. - LaConnor
9:30-10:30p.m. - Tony Wilson Sextet

Thursday, Sept. 8th - 10:30a.m. - 11:45a.m. - Francois Houle, etc.
1-2p.m. - Rob Clutton
3-4p.m. - Cosmologic
5-6p.m. - Andre Duchesne

Friday, Sept. 9th - 1-2p.m. - Marshall Allen
3-4p.m. - Lori Freedman

Sunday, Sept. 11th - 7-8p.m. - Gordon Monahan & Jesse Stewart

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I am thinking about transfering my blog energy into a weekly podcast. Have you checked it out? I downloaded my first podcast last night, an environmental program from NPR. I think my weekly "show " would just be kind of like my jazz life blog but would include lots of music and not that much talk. I still need to find time to figure out the tech details. Not a priority right now as I have some great gigs coming up and trying to get some extra practising in.

Marianne arrives tommorrow (wednesday) I hope people will come down to the red guitar to hear her. she is a really good pianist.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

I haven't had an email list to let people know about gigs for years now. I had one way back before most people had email and it got quite large over the years. Unfortunately there were some corrupt email addresses that ruined the whole list. I tried but could never find them within the list. that was so frustrating that I gave up on that way of communicating with people. I am not sure email lists work anyways. Tonight I went through my in box and made a list of friends that I think might come out to an occasional gig. This is an apology if you are on that list.

I am pretty excited about my wednesday and saturday gigs this week at the Red Guitar so hopefully having that new list will help.


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