Friday, September 02, 2005

Had fun at the Ex today with the family as usual. We are all into the Ex! Leo loved the ferris wheel. His eyes on that ride were worth the large amount of money we dropped today.

I was very happy to sink a basket with just one ball today as we were leaving and win the kids a large sponge bob square pants stuffed "animal"

I really should practise as everyone is in bed already but I am not sure I have anything left. will i be better off just going to bed or should I try to see if I can "kick it" for a couple hours?....hmmm....self?

we shall see.


great to hear Christine Bougie's trio at the Red Guitar last night. She had a really nice selection of songs that were played well by her trio. It was great to hear a young guitarist playing modern songs, and treating them as vehicles for jazz improvisation. No big deal made of tribute to artists, new standards etc. Just playing songs; Herbie Hancock, Elvis, Burt Bacharach, originals of hers too.

looking forward to them coming back already.

I am also really excited about my Wednesday gig at the Red Guitar with Montreal pianist Marianne Trudel

We have never played together before but I got to hear her live in Montreal this summer and she sounds great.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Had a great weekend. So good to have some relaxed time with the family. a little picnic in the park (banjo and all..) a night of biking and climbing on the playround a good spiderman comic before bed.

Perfect. sister is here with my new nephew. so cute!!!

I am thinking about New Orleans. So strange to know about a disaster before it happens...yet here we are having our normal lives.

Last night I was reminded about how much I don't like television. I had things I wanted to do and instead I "flipped" for two hours ahhhhhh!!

I am inspired to practise even more than usual and should get a good week in before my teaching schedule picks up next week.

I am really just babbling...I think I will say bye for now. Don'f forget to check out the new listing at the RED GUITAR

. It includes the special music series Guelph Encore. I am excited about it, mostly because rene lussier is coming!


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