Thursday, August 25, 2005

I am still buzzing after my gig last night. The buzzing is not necessarily good but buzzing none the less. I am glad that performing is such a big thing for me still. I wouldn't want to take it for granted. I really am questioning today whether I should be playing lots of gigs when I don't have time to practise these days. I definitely felt it last night and I probably played more guitar leading up to that gig than usual.

I heard Pat La Barbara on the radio talking this morning and I was thinking how great it is that there are artists like him. His life is so interesting. His playing is so strong and consistent. this is what I want. More consistency...I don't think it is going to happen in the near future. I can just try my best, make a small contribution to live music and move on.

I look forward to playing tonight and not being the leader. I am playing in Burlington with Chris Cawthray. Hope we play some Ellington tunes...I am listening to Ellington this morning. So Good.


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