Friday, July 29, 2005

sun ra Ark

sun ra Ark, originally uploaded by tim posgate.

I don't remember this trombone player's name frome the Sun Ra Arkestra. Anyone?

This guy beside me was really nice. A B3 player from Pori. I called him"B3"

What a show!!


Sun Ra Arkestra

Sun Ra Arkestra, originally uploaded by tim posgate.

this is me at the Sun Ra Arkestra concert in Pori Finland. I loved it so much. They got me in that "place". SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!

this was the 40th anniversary of the Pori festival. It is really an amazing, large festival in a small, beautiful town. The festival is Pori's biggest two weeks of every year.


Home again home again, jiggity jig...I am listening to a CD given to me by a Brazilian percussionist named Vitor da Trindade I met on a plane from Berlin to Copenhagen. Really nice guy. He was off to do a week of clinics in another part of Denmark.

Music sounds great. I have to let Reg know about it as I told Vitor about Reg's brazillian Blog and he thought he knew about it already. cool.

I will have to save the stories from the last couple days until later as I have to prepare (ie. unpack and cleanup) before the arrival of Julie and the kids later today.

Here is a photo to keep you laughing until then of me watching the Sun Ra Arkestra in Pori Finland.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

hello::l a, still in berlin:::hqving fun: I really miss my fqmily now: btw; if dad or heath are reading this please forward my last email to andy: i had wrong address:

off to copenhagen tommorrow. going into the studio tonight with dave. should be fun:

boought some cool vinyl here; now i want to release a Record on real vinyl:

enough euro keyboard for me::


Sunday, July 24, 2005

I am definitely missing my kids. I keep watching the kids playing here at the airport in Helsinki. It feels funny to say I am in Helsinki since we didn't see this town at all. I thought I would be disappointed about that but Pori turned out to be such a cool town.

I had such a fun day yesterday. Although, it satreted at the hospital to get my ear infection worked on, things went uphill from there. I had to set my alarm for a 1pm doctors appointment after a late night but had lots of energy for the days activities. I ended up at the main stage watching the Sun Ra Arkestra where I met this nice local musician who calls himself B3 and we watched the concert. It was so fun and exciting and funny and beautiful. I loved it! Someone recognized me from the big picture in the program which happened to be divided equally with the Sun Ra Arkestra and tp Hornband...Then a scene developed....kind was funny...being recognized...others caught on...and the whole jazz fest thing autographs (thank goodness) I started walking towards the hotel after the show and it started pouring rain so I walked into a courtyard where I could here music and ended up at a private party under a big tarp...there was a Finnish Elvis impersonator and I grabbed a beer....I think it was like an office party...just barely big enough to not be noticed. the rain stopped and i finished my beer (pardon the pun)

Oh damn, I forgot to tell you about the first rain storm. It was just before the Sun Ra show. I ended up hiding in the WC (or the can, if you will)

I was not was the thing to do. I was suprised it did not smell too bad there.

Anyways, after the first rain storm I ordered the local festival snack of choice which was some fried minnow thing with french fries. hmmm...too bad but I am not in the mood to type much more.;..I am tired, still early...thinking i should check my guitars in as I see the line up for Blue One airline getting longer and longer. (there was no one here when we first arrived) I am so tired I could sleep while I type.

there is another great story about a hockey jersey...I don't make this stuff up OK!

Hello to Harri, our Canadian friend in Pori. very nice guy,


wake up tim-o your flight is leaving.......zzzzzzzzzzz.......huh......

This is the part of touring that sucks. I am at the airport, it is about 8am. I went to bed at 4am (my fault...I guess)

I feel lousy, or ray charles said "the music is's THIS you pay me for"

I did promise that story but I will have to get some coffee first. (blame it on the Vodka here)

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