Saturday, June 11, 2005

I was all set to write a long blog about yesterday but used up all my energy writing other emails...

Dylan and I went to see Daniel Lanois play an in-store at Sams. It was great. Brian Blade on drums, really nice guy, spoke briefly with him after. Very beautiful singing and playing by much in the spirit and at the high level of bob dylan and neil young. so far I am not as thrilled about his new disc I bought....instrumental music. I should have bought one he sings on.

was great, as dylan and i went out for dinner at the village idiot pub across from AGO and this guy next to us bought our dinner. dylan and i think he was a real angel. Not sure who but, lots of possibilities...dylan said it was my great grandpa Bush...can't believe he remembered his name.

then we went to see nash the slash at the ROM...btw thanks to ron gaskin we snuck a few minutes into the busy night at the coolest card yugio cards (sp?) in Toronto...

Great night. Oh yah...I gave a copy of my jazzstory Cd to Lanois' guitar tech....told him this was the next jazz group he would produce. I got quite a kick out of the fact that he slid it into a case with strings, picks etc. labeled "Daniel Lanois"...isn't that the beginning of a story that deserves a good ending?


p.s. saw Mark Mccarron tonight working with Dave Rave (yes...formally front man of teenage head) down at the drake. Mark arranged all their songs for woodwind quartet, guitar and cello. beautiful.
p.p.s congrats to ralph and bongo records on their tenth anniversary.

Cam in Saskatchewan just let me know about his jazz blog.Though I would throw the link
out to you jazz bloggers!

I have a good one from yesterday but no time to write now...must go out and sweat....ahhh the heat!!

later \mit

Friday, June 10, 2005

Helping my friend Corry book her club the Red Guitar is fun. It is also a lot of work and a bit of pressure. Helping her make her club a success, hiring some of my friends that make great music, keeping a stick in the fire for the avant garde etc.

Interesting and controversial article in the globe today (thursday) by Russell Smith about jazz. You cannot read it online unless you are a member.

good night

Thursday, June 09, 2005

what am I doing up at 2am you ask....good question. I did have a little nap around 8pm after reading dylan a story.

I am listening to Priestess by Gil Evan with howard Johnson. sounds great.

but...the big news. my blog went over 3000 hits tonight. not bad for a kid from Burlinton eh.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


brakhage, originally uploaded by tim posgate.

Just finished watching this documentary on stan brakhage. Really good.

Great to see and hear him talk about abstract film. Also great to watch an artist try to keep it all together while keeping his family together. Unfortunately he failed at this eventually.

I am always trying to find new and better ways to continue to work on music while giving as much of myself as possible to my family and keeping everyone in it as happy as possible. Odd to be working on such things as I enter my 40th year.

Queen video on college st. has this documentary.

Good times good times....I like when I am busy and making lots of music. Had fun recording with Lina and Jean last night....some free improv, studio exploration. Got a nice review online for the new disc

Helping Corry with the booking at her new club on Markham St; the Red Guitar arthouse cafe. Looks like it is opening on July 8 with a music policy wed-Sun. This should be great!

Kinda bummed that there is so much other great stuff that weekend here in town but such is life in Toronto...I don't think you can wait until there is a "quiet time".....I have a funny feeling that I was complaining before about people booking stuff on the same days. Oh well, keep typing keep typing....

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I have a feeling today will go down as one of the nicest days of the summer in my books (or my blog for sure!).....heck , its not even summer yet is it?

The Little Folk Festival was today in Dufferin Grove Park. Great time. Having a well shaded awesome kids play area was a big bonus for us. Back and forth from music to swings to pizza oven to pool to slide to music. Yahhh!! Most of our friends from the hood were there with their kids...Laura Repo did an amazing job organising it and ended off with an excellent set of music herself. So good to hear Tasa (saw John and Julia's beautiful new baby girl) and a wonderful trio singing Georgian folk music.

Sneaked in a quick work out at the Y and home in time for a nice dinner together. Cant beat it. (i wonder if I will ever preserve these blog postings for my own journal memories?....must look into that...heck it is 2005!!)

It reminded me that I would like to spend more time at folk festivals. Love the laid back vibe. Will have to look into some of those gigs. (i think my hornband could work some of those fests?)

Heres to summer!!!


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