Friday, May 20, 2005

I just wasted my entire day trying to book plane tickets online and have nothing to show for it!



I have a funny feeling I won't wake up to get the kids to school tommorrow. I have done so well this week, going to bed early, getting up on time, lunch ready etc. I think tommorrow I am SOL. we shall see.

I finally joined Stille Post tonight. A great message board for indie rock, music of all kinds, community chat etc.

I heard some of the folks involved mention it on a brave new waves interview tonight. Yahhh!! Jonny dovercourt!!

I was going to book some plane tickets but air canada won't let me use the browsers I have. Unbelievable!!! i am sure it would only take minutes to get the right browser but I think I should crash and start fresh tommorrow.

Only three more days.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

today I am my own zen master. (just ask me! ahah) I am in day four of my single-parenting while Julie is away. I find I must stay focused and organised to make it all work. When things dont work according to plan it gets tricky.

for example, I will never take a guitar to capsule to get repaired again, I show up after they call me to pick it up and the intonation is clearly done wrong. today I go back as promised and it wasnt ready. I did loose my cool for a minute but realised after there was nothing to be gained.

I should have known better than to make my decision based on convenience (rarely a good idea on any topic) I will go back to my old pal russ at the 12th fret from now until he tells me to go away.

Now I have to wake up leo, get him to school for his photo and then take dylan to piano lessons.

fun fun fun...breath through the nose.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

I am mildly proud of how well things are going so far as I am flying solo as a parent this week. Yes, Julie has left me for warmer climates with all her sisters and her mom. A great idea, long overdue.

I had the kids in bed and the house in pretty decent shape by 8pm tonight. The weekend started off pretty hectic as not less than four hours after Julie split, my little guy had it coming out of both ends, as they say. He is fine now, so it seems. Knock on wood and all that. I am glad Julie never reads my blog as I don't want her worrying about stuff like that. I know it will all be fine.

My main goal is to not try to get anything done, although I have one day with a gig and a rehearsal and I have to teach for three of the evenings this week. I am really lucky that both my siblings and my dad are pitching in.

Perhaps I will try to do stuff but just wont count on getting anything done, ie. tonight I have a final report for an old grant to write. damn....hate that.


p..s. not much of a hockey game today eh!!

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