Friday, May 13, 2005

Amazing sometimes the things you find yourself doing that you would never have imagined. This morning, after listening to a bit of Benmurgi in the Morning on Jazz FM I find myself listening to my new Cd to find out which tracks will have "radio appeal".

I have never made a record with this in mind and I hope that I never do. (never say never?) that it is all over and done with...which cuts will radio stations choose to play?

I love how Mike Hansen, on CKLN chose to make the Cd's world radio debut with the sad, slow, dark dedication to my father in law; Goodbye, Au Revoir.

I noticed today for the first time that the second cut on the disc; Quartier St. Roche, may almost be considered a light (dare I say smooth) jazz composition. I thought of this when I heard them play Metheny's Last Trane Home. Amazing what a few Major 7 chords can do...hahah.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

I am having a great day. (feels like I was a little overdue) It is 3-3 in the hockey game going into the third period. (Canada vs Slovakia...sudden death) I went to passport office and it only took five minutes, I met with a couple jazz buyers at record stores, interested in the new Cd and I remembered that I got an HMV gift certificate for my birthday.

I did a little jazz research and got some: Mingus, Dolphy, Ornette, Dexter and Sonny Rollins. I had to round it out with a little xenakis (something recorded in or even close to this Century!)

thanks to Susan and my Dad for the gift certificate.

Go Canada go!


hotbutteredsoul, originally uploaded by tim posgate.

here is a good cause my friend Chriw Cawthray is organising. Hope some of my "west of Toronto friends and family" can attend!

Had my annual (oops,missed last year) check up today. Good reminder of life and its fragility. Luckily everything is okay. (except for this crazy bruised tailbone that seems like it is just becoming part of my future)

Listening to Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti on my itunes. Sounds great but it is not as enjoyable as the version of Jim Tenney's To Weave that I have from our last Montreal Jazz Fest gig. Mabye I will go back to that.

Feeling the pressure of getting my new cd out to the world. (maybe that is the problem right there) I do it all myself and of course, one must spend money to make money. The response has been highly positive even if it is early in the game.

I always look forward to the first couple reviews (anxiously). It is a bit of a drag how important that really can be. It really fuels the momentum of the next year or so and how touring etc. will take shape.

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