Saturday, April 30, 2005

always interesting how things go in cycles. I had no new cds, (no $) not much going on but today I am basically overstimulated, early morning soccer with dylan, opened my mailbox (why did i look in their on a saturday morning) and there was a copy of Andrew Downing's brand new Cd, (cool artwork Yesim!) Christine Duncan gave me a copy of the new Phhk! Cd. Very interesting music. Looking forward to many more listens and i am off to see Quinsin perform with special guests from Holland and England tonight at 8pm at the Royal Conservatory (their temprorary home on Croation st. by the Dufferin Mall)

So much for having no new music to listen to. (oh yah, and I bought the new Selina Martin Cd too...)

Thursday, April 28, 2005

One of my beginner guitar students wanted me to read the greenpeace website and send a lettter to Kimberly-Clark about the major (and unnescessary) cutting they are doing of the Boreal forest to make our kleenex.

So I went to the Greenpeace websiteand wrote a letter after reading the article.

Seems like a good cause. I am already a member of Greenpeace but I love the fact that it took an 8yr old to get me writing a letter today!


Fun night at the Tranzac last night. Not a great gig, as the music in the back room was too loud. that is okay though because they were all friends and were making some great music and having a joyous, communal evening. The tranny is a magical place. Cassandra and Mellissa are so cool, and it is great having mike there now too. I sometimes wonder how it works they keep it together, who pays the bills etc?

I am a little frustrated about being so broke right now. I dont need much money but being a musician and not being able to afford to buy cds really sucks. I would love to be listening to the new Celina Martin and the new Veda Hille right now. I would go see both of them live soon too but...I would see Ostertag tonight in kitchener but....I would go to the rex tonight to hear Graig Earle but...sunday night is Quinsin's gig....

get to work tim!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I am watching and listening to the bob ostertag/pierre hebert dvd again while I type. It is even better with headphones. the sound element is so subtle but so beautiful in a harsh kind of way. hmmm? have to think about that.

You can get this at Queen video. It is great and I am taking it back today. Whoops, I was resolving to quit trying to convince others to like things that I like. It can be a tiring habit/hobby. Especially when you are trying to get water from a stone etc.

I have to rethink this resolution....I know it can't be that bad.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Gig announcement: ( formal!)

Maybe I should dress formal; the Tranzac is a special place after-alll. Well, here are the deets:

Rob Clutton/Tim Posgate duo

Hear these old friends re-invent their relationship before your very music, old music, special guests?

Wednesday april 27
10pm, two sets, PWYC
Tranzac Club (on brunswick just south of Bloor)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

This was a fun weekend. I only regret not working out tonight as I got to the Y but forgot my lock. Oh well...Had a lot of fun at Dylan's 6th birthday party yesterday. Somewhere along the line I remember someone saying that you should have as many kids over as the age your child is turning. I like this theory. Today I took Dylan to a party that had about 15 kids...Chaos!

I am looking forward to my gig on Wednesday night with Rob Clutton. I haven't even seen my pal Rob in ages as he has been touring with NOJO.

I need to get to the basement tonight, work on some of the material we are going to play. I guess my workout will be on the strings tonight. (probably a good thing, as I sometimes cannot muster-up much creative energy after a physical workout!)

I was a little frustrated to see the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival program tonight; there is no picture of our band and they say that Kenny Kirkwood is still in the group (he hasn't been for at least a couple years!)

blog on brothers and sisters!


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