Saturday, April 16, 2005

I had a new little sneak peak at the meaning of life tonight!! Yes, I am still procrastinating from doing my taxes. I think the secret is that it keeps changing. Maybe every day! I never realised this before. Am I out of the loop? tonight, for me it is getting to know and continuing to know my kids as well as I possibly can.

tommorrow....hmmm. who knows.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bandana 2005

bandana, originally uploaded by tim posgate.

Was a fun night, Jaymz Bee's birthday at the the Mod Club. For sure the highlight was standing outside with my pal Ron and talking with Don Francks as he arrived for the gig.

What a person. He left a lasting impression on both of us in a mere five or ten minutes of chatting, joking, impersonations.

It was capped off with the Woman (Natalie?) who knew she knew him but where from...

"You live in the beaches...right?....Heh, is he an actor?...Nakita!!...Thats my favourite show..."

Somehow I felt connected by the fact that Don and I were both wearing bandanas. Even if mine was just to cover up my unshaven shaggy head.

I really look forward to hanging out with Don again sometime.

Today I am thinking about Terry Fox again...always makes me cry. I love the new Terry Fox Loonie!!!

Way to go Canada. Way to go Terry.

Now it's back to taxes. I hate doing my taxes. Maybe it is obvious but, taxes are the opposite of my daily path...I am not interested in money yet doing taxes makes me think of only that. No wonder I hate doing my taxes.

I am glad I went for breakfast at Brasiliano. The woman that serves the coffee, always has a smile and happy words for me, and today that makes the difference.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have always said that falling asleep at inappropriate times should not be taken so seriously. It rarely means you are disinterested or understimulated....but just need rest. Honest Mr. Meldrum, I was actually enjoying those grade ten Canadian History classes...hahah

Anyways, a good example this afternoon. I was reading Leo a Dr. Seuss Book, while watching the "Making of" Eraserhead (David Lynch) while listening to Frank Zappa's Shut Up and Play Your Guitar when both Leo and I drifted off for a half hour snooze.

Seuss, Zappa, Lynch...sometimes I wonder about my kid's futures...

Monday, April 11, 2005

I am trying to finish watching Eraserhead before I return it tommorrow. I love it! so beautiful yet freaky at the same time. I think I truly love b/w movies. I have to find more people who shoot such great looking films today like Lynch, Jarmusch etc.

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