Saturday, March 12, 2005


curl, originally uploaded by tim posgate.

my birthday weekend is the time I feel the most Canadian. It is only because I usually watch a little bit of the Brier Curling. The Canadian championships of curling. The camera work is great. The commentary, riveting and what a great way to induce a nap!

I am happy that I am almost walking again. the doctor said I would be but I really didn't believe her.

Heh, I might even be able to make it to the play we have tickets for tommorrow!


Friday, March 11, 2005

I am getting so frustrated after only one day on crutches. It has reminded me again how lucky I am (ongoing theme?)

Trying to continue to make my music work happen and take care of the family becomes extra tricky on every level. Did I mention that Leo hit my laptop and the X key broke off? The new cordless phone ran out of juice already, so don't bother calling me. If you want to comeover for a visit, the front door is open. (if you want to come over to steal my guitars, the front door is locked)

I am starting to feel a bit sorry for myself (which is ridiculous) I think I just need some XX and OOs.

Who's kidding who, I just need an X.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

shovel your sidewalk!

shovel your sidewalk!
Originally uploaded by tim posgate.
I slipped on the ice on someone's sidewalk last night and now I am stuck on this couch with a swollen ankle, some new crutches ($25) and spent morning at the Emergency . Thanks to Corry for the lift there! (and for picking up Dylan at school today)

I am glad it is not broken, just badly sprained but I am also frustrated. this will mean no hockey for a while. Little problems like this are always good as they remind us of how lucky we are to have only little problems. the kid beside me slipped on the ice last night and was paralyzed (seemingly from the neck down), another woman slipped and broke a rib.

Please clean your walks. My friends environmental group claims you are doing little to no damage if you just use small amounts of salt. (i don't know the details on this)

I am looking forward to putting on my headphones and listening to the Cdr of the "final mix" of my new hornband Cd that was in my mail box today. Yah!!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I finally got down to Atom Egoyan's cinema/bar Cameraand saw a film. It was horrendous, I had to leave about halfway through but I was still glad I went. I find it exciting that they are bringing in independent Canadian films.

The poetry in Trains of Winnipeg would have been the worst part had the sound not been so bad. I think this is common for film they blow their budget and then worry about music, voiceover, mixing, mastering etc.

I really think I will have to email Peter Goddard who is quoted as saying how important this film is to Canada...or something like that. (I often agree with him...not this time)

Oh well, good adventure, good to be home early and I like seeing/hearing things I dont like. You can learn so much from that experience, even if it is just learning more about ones own taste.

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