Saturday, February 19, 2005


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Fun to attend a big jazz event like Pat Metheny last night. I know that is a weird way of describing it but that is what it is. An event. Soldout. Massive, screaming crowd, five standing ovations. (a little much if you ask me)

I am so used to going to see avant garde music live with friends and family in the audience. I have come to like that quiet, community feeling. Sure, I still love a good rock concert but it is truly an event.

My fave piece was the duo with Pat and Antonio Sanchez, a bright free-bop piece that they played last time I saw them.

I also felt the Gregoire Maret was quite under used. Last time I saw him live he was fronting Andy Milne's Dapp Theory and the large outdoor audience was eating up every note that came out of his harmonica. This time he just ran around playing parts on whatever instrument pat requested with a couple harmonica solos every now and then.

Fun to hang with danny (thanks for the ticket!!) and bob after and talk the whole show down. Great fun. What an event.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005



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