Saturday, October 30, 2004


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I am looking forward to the Jazz for Herbie Benefit tommorrow (saturday afternoon) at the Rex, 1-5pm. "songs your mother taught you" is the theme and I will be there performing and hanging out with my family. Hope you can make it: money goes towards the Herbie Fund at the Sick Kids Hospital!!!


way to go Ron Davis and Leah State!!

Friday, October 29, 2004


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It has been challenging to write a piece of music inspired by war. It reminds me how distant war seems in many ways and of course (again) how lucky we are.

this piece is being performed in Halifax at a special series of concerts:


Songs of War, Liberation and Remembrance

Tena Palmer Janice Jackson
and Jazzstory.

Live in Concert
with the 15 piece Upstream Orchestra
performing original works by Pearse, Cram, Oore, Posgate, Reilly and Palmer
and new arrangements of Cohen, Weill, ...
The Church, 5657 North Street, Halifax
near the MacDonald Bridge
8 p.m.
Friday and Saturday
November 12th and 13th, 2004
all ages welcome

(Jazzstory will also be performing a concert on Thursday night at the same church!!)

Thursday, October 28, 2004


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This dude looks more like my friend Steve than it does me but...oh well; time for that somewhat regular blog feature: Recent top five records on my stereo!!

(in no particular order)

Gordon Lightfoot: Sundown
Geordie Haley: Everytime Band
African Sampler: Nonesuch Explorer Series
Bob Dylan: Time out of Mind
Un Dimanche a Kyoto (a new release featuring people singing Gilles Vigneault kids songs)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


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I was just down at ckln blabbing on Mike Hansen's show. Fundraising is happening now and I urge you to call 416 598-8810 and tell them you pledge for the Why Not show.

It some of the only good radio that is left in this area. Wednesdays 7-11am 88.1fm.

Tell them tim sent you!!!

$25 gets you a cd of your choice too!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


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What is a blog without a little Matisse?

Wow, I am really procrastinating on this piece of music I have to write. I want to write it. (of course!) It is just that I have to have it done by this weekend and I cant seem to get inside of it and go for it. Writing in my blog is not helping at all of course. There are certain people I hope that don't read this (although not a big deal) That is part of the chance you take keeping a blog.

After I finish complaining about it here and maybe after checking out a couple other blogs. (the herbie hancock thing I found on Erg Jazz is really worth checking out!)

I will sit at the piano and do a little work but by the time I get to the mood to do a little work, it is bedtime....don't forget I do have to get up at 7am!!!

dont forget: the Grand Festival Website


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I was ready for bed until I found this great photo on zoilus

I am looking forward to tin tin tin on wednesday featuring my pal rob clutton conducting a large improvising ensemble. See you there.

Monday, October 25, 2004

fleur de lys

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Just back from Quebec. that was a real brain drain. I did manage to speak only french while within the boundaries of Quebec. Even with my own kids which was both challenging and strange. The only time I broke down was my first couple words by accident when I would wake up and then I would snap back into french. i learned a lot. I also noticed that if you persist people will speak with you in their native tongue eventually.

I look forward to doing that again. I want to improve my reading and writing in french too.

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