Saturday, October 16, 2004


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If you look carefully that is a guitar amp behind my skate. (don't ask) But skating is on my mind as I took Dylan to his first skating lesson tonight. It was so much fun. He was so proud. He has even had trouble standing up until now and he was back and forth across the ice numerous times without the pylon today.

I think our excitement was mutual and he was really pumped about getting a suprise after out of the gumball machine. (I think that was his favourite part too!)

I am still trying to find a good order for the new Cd with Howard Johnson. I am sure one day I will get it.

All this fun with the kids reminds me how lucky I am that my music isn't in great demand these days. I would be sad to be on the road too much while my kids are so young. I think things are almost perfect.

(Okay, I wouldn't mind having a few more gigs)

Thursday, October 14, 2004


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Since the hockey strike I ignore the televsion. I have actually named it the HM (hockey monitor) Tonight I was reminded how great tvo, especially studio two can be.

Tonight had talk of the hockey strike, a feature on a photography show I would like to see at the AGO and my friend Lina Allemano playing trumpet with her Lina Allemano four.

Fun to see your friends interviewed. You always see a part of them you dont get to see very often.

Yahhh Lina!!

I have to mention last night too. I saw the Reveries. It was some of the funniest, weiredest, most beautiful and mysterious music I have seen in a while. ryan driver playing the "yardstick bass" was worth the price of admission itself. the guitar player before them playing solo was good to. I got in his space just as he finished. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


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It has been a long time since I have been in a photo on my own blog. Is that really true? Very unlike me.

anyways, I thought this was such a happy photo of (l to r) my dad, me heather, danny, dylan and andy.

I just went across the street to a book launch and the one I wanted (the Chris Dewdney cd) was not ready for the big party! Oh well. will pick it up another time (I hope)

Did get to see a bunch of my "poetry friends".

don't forget...tommorrow is Wednesday. i seem to be having trouble with that fact this week with the Holiday monday ....



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I was away, sorry. I really should remember to try the audio post by phone again.

I had fun while away but really missed Julie and Leo as Leo had the stomach flu.

I love hanging out with my brother and sister and her boyfriend Danny. they are great folks. I am really lucky to have grown up in an environment where there is so much mutual understanding. In some ways we are really different, all three of us but we seem to care enough about the others to make the effort to understand each other.

I read a great tom robbin's article in a recent Harpers mag.

He was celebrating the "fool in art". As usual, he did lots of interesting research and talked about all the interesting arts and cultures that celebrate humour in all walks of life.

(wow, i am listening to a beautifuly, contrapuntal calimba piece on my new African music sampler from Nonesuch....really interesting with headphones!)

tom robbins quoted another writer (forget his name for now) that said on his deathbed in an ugly hotel in france "either this wallpaper goes or I do!"

I love that!

we take ourselves too seriously.


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