Saturday, October 02, 2004

drum machine

drum machine
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You have to check out this short animation

fun use of music and animation (which do you think came first in this case?)

thanks to as always.

juliete Lewis

juliete Lewis
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Just watched Bruce MacDonalds; Picture Claire. I am a fan of most of his movies. This was entertaining but not much more.

I see him on the street, give him my cds...I wish he would check them out. Could use some decent music in this film. Juliette Lewis played a decent Quebecqois...Not much more than entertaining...sorry to say. I am glad I am not a much money involved, so much pressure. Hard to ignore success.

It is fun watching a movie that is all about my neighbourhood (well... mostly the market)

I look forward to his next film anyways.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Blog Debate

Blog Debate
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I called randall and I said; "who's debating", I think he was shocked! Glad I went out to hear my friends playing at the Tranzac. It was stellar improv music. rob clutton, jean martin, john oswald, doug tielli. that is like an improv supergroup if you ask me. I wish guildwood records had a budget to put out records by others. sure James blood ulmer was in town and bush on tv: friends playing great music beats that every time!

Thursday, September 30, 2004


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I have to confess that I have no records by the Velvet Underground. They are on my mind as I read yesterdays arts section in the globe where there was an article on a photographer that was part of that whole VU/warhol scene.

I really want to check out Warhols films too. any feedback from y'all about your fave VU recordings?

Is it going to be one of those things where I build up great expectations and then...?

a mellow night of blog reading, email etc. sometimes I find it frustrating how little email I receive compared to how much I send. Am I paranoid...does no one like me, my music or both? Ok, I am paranoid.

Between mike daley's blog Zoilus and I never have a shortage of reading as the links etc. take me all kinds of places.

I think i will head downstairs and practise. It is late but I had that mid evening nap after reading dylan a story.

My itunes is playing a cut called "rob clutton", from my new Unreleased cd, I love the random play feature. Just before this the Mike Murley cut and Sonic youth sounded quite beautiful...interesting how music functions together, in different orders. (re: my last post about Ed...perhaps that was the "problem")

I did find a nice Ed Bickert transcription last night at roy patterson's web site

Okay, too much typing, not enough, I dont like the new tune on itunes (why is it on my computer you ask?)


jack bush

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I thought I would add this painting for no other reason than how bland my blog looks lately. A little jack bush will fix that up.

He is definitely one of my faves!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

today on jazzfm I was listening to a guitar player who I thought was so bad, I stuck around to find out who it was.

It was Ed Bickert!! What!!?? I love Ed....this bugged me to no end. It really made me question my ears, critical faculties etc.

Is it possible it was as lame as I thought while I was listening...? It definitely taught me something: what did it teach you tim??

hmmmm....I suppose it taught me to be less confident or always realise that I could be wrong. Anyways, Ed is so great, I am sure that I am wrong on this one. I might have to pull out a good Ed record right is going to sound pretty weird following the Bary Altschul, mid 70s, high octane free jazz record that just ended...Ah life can be great!


fun and challenging having my son taking piano lessons. I am used to being the teacher, not the parent. I have to walk that line of being interested but not obsessive, encouraging but not over the top.

It is a beautiful thing hearing him practise. I am not looking forward to all the things my parents went through; good weather where they would rather be outside playing, and all the other distractions followed by threats of quitting.

I guess I will deal with all that when the time comes. for now I will enjoy it and hope that he is too.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

After reading a couple long and occasionally encouraging articles about the recording industry on one of my fave blogs Erg's Jazz and other, I feel i should turn off the computer and practise...

but I also feel less crazy or something...the recent announcement of Atom Egoyan's "art film" theatre opening is adding to my feeling. It is called the cameraIt is a movie house that holds fifty or sixty folks. they will play films that are not eeked out by the mainstream etc.

This sounds so much like some of the music that I like and that I perform; most specifically our annual Grand Festival of Autumnal Happiness.

Sometimes I think it is a little strange that we put so much energy into a festival that packs out at 40-50 people in a small space.

If it is good enough for Atom...

practise tim practise!!!

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