Saturday, September 25, 2004

getting started

getting started
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did you ever see this nfb cartoon about practising. hilarious! this picture doesnt really do much for you I am sure but check out this film.

too much!

this post is mostly for me, to read tommorrow and again when I get busy at home etc.

It is time to get back to the guitar. I heard tony malaby, tom rainy and Mark helias tonight. very inspiring. these guys are so good individually. this is not to say that the band wasnt great as it was but their chops and musicianship were very inspiring. I cant help thinking; if i have time to blog....Okay practising takes more time but I need to make that time.

I am so happy when i am practising anyways...I am a better person/lover/parent...friend etc.

It has been a while but usually a tour or an exciting gig is what it takes. so....I will read this again in the morning.

hats off to ken and joe for making this happen. good fun. so great to see a social/musical event happen in my neigbourhood!!!

Friday, September 24, 2004

kim adams sculpture

kim adams sculpture
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this one is not at the new show but it was one of the firsts I encountered that day in Saskatoon at the Mendel many years ago.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

It is a hot day to be outside listening to our mayor speak but; he had good news! His plans for the artscene in toronto sound positive and like he is actually "plugged in."

He used the artsweekto declare that 2006 will be a year that is dedicated to the arts in toronto.

Was good to hear Molly Johnson; beautiful songs, phrasing, and an uplifting vibe! Andrew Craig sounded really good on piano too. the promise of the $5 lunch was worth it too (except for the abundance of styrofoam containers everywhere)

I had a really good chicken in a green curry.

I stopped in at Wynitt and Tuck gallery at 401 Richmond on the way home for the Kim Adams show. It is worth seeing for sure!!

He continues in his tradition of trains, housing and sex (you have to look carefully for the sex)

Some great photographs by Kim too. (i think he refers to them as research slides)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I was just flippin through some archives on this blog. I used to be much less wordier. I would probably be asleep by now but I am truly excited about this new blog look and I am listening, on itunes to the suite I wrote for the rob clutton band; This is Not a Parade.

I wonder if that will ever get performed again. I would have to do some fixing, editing etc. (boy that would be a lot of work)


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

my lips are still burning from the hotsauce! I just came through the door and had to make a pizza post. this is not just any pizza...keep reading...I know Amato's has become somewhat of a chain but have you heard people talk about the"potato pizza"??

Its true name is Lucille (I am sure my wife gets jealous as I call Lucille's name out in my sleep)

Lucille is comprised of mostly cheese and potato. There is no tomato sauce. It actually has some italian name meaning potato and cheese but almost everyone who works at these places knows Lucille.

Here is the secret though: (I wish I could remember who taught me this) You have to put hot sauce and olive oil on it. Yes, they provide both. Lots of both is good too.

It will truly knock you out. (i should google Lucille eh?...other pizza bloggers!!)

I caught a couple tunes by a fun, talented and funny band tonight. Their name is something about Kittens but I do know they play late every tuesday in front room at the Cameron. (Jake Oelrichs plays drums) I am pretty sure I will go back. Would be fun to hire them for a party.

thats it for the pizza post. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

p.s. it is good to have the Lexiconjury poetry reading one is October 19th at the Cameron.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Here is today's listening Post (good little play on words eh?)

Charlie Haden's Liberation Orchestra

Darn It, Paul Haines

Bob Wiseman (latest on Blocks)

Triage, American Mythology ( that really the title)


Sunday, September 19, 2004

Festival Express rocked!! And yes guy, that is good use of that phrase. It really was like being at a great rock concert. I have new respect and interest in Janis Joplin for sure. She was unbelievable. What a singer, and what a captivating performer.

Buddy Guy...the young Buddy Guy. Wow...the sound that came out of his mouth was at times other worldly. His band was so funky, what a groove. It reminded me that groove is not about people playing like computers in exactly the same place in the pocket etc....groove is about attitude, energy and working together to go somewhere. They were so sloppy and loose but MAN did they ever groove.

The footage of the Band made me want more records by them and the footage on the train with everyone jammin and partying made me want to hang out and party. (oh, twist my arm)

the only drawback of this great rock film was it felt a little short. The footage of the train and shots out the window etc. from the train were great. i have always had a thing for trains.

Had a lot of fun on the Island today at the Runcible Spoon gig. I felt really great to be part of such a fine day and a wonderful concert.

I am listening to a new cd that I found in my mailbox minutes ago. (thanks dAve!!) Powerbuch.

Recorded by the one and only Ted Phillips. good work ted. it is Dave Clark, Gordon Michael Allen, Glen Hall and John kameel Farah.

I am only on cut one but it sounds really good. I feel like I have really watched this band develop as I think I was at one of their earliest gigs years ago at a loft space gig (sans JKF)

I am a lucky man.

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