Friday, September 03, 2004

Bjork's Medulla has been the reason for this post:

I have never really felt like I was an artist that would be remembered as one of the greats or someone who changed the face of music etc.

I do however often find circumstances where artists are being celebrated for things I have already done myself. Bjork's new disc for example sounds a lot like my latest record with the six piece folk choir.

Dylans Dream: would be a good example but there are even better ones on the disc.

Of course there is no one with that unique Bjork voice, phrasing etc.

Then I look at the new Bill Frisell disc at the record store today (produced by Hal Wilner) and see there is a tune called goodbye goodbye goodbye. Well go figure; my next disc has a tune called Goodbye, Au Revoir

Sure, now I am splitting hairs but it always seems that things like that happen to me. Sometimes I wonder if it is just because I notice these kind of things or what?

I wasnt really excited after a quick listen to the Bill Frisell at the record store. I think I tend to get a little critical and maybe even bitter of these people that make records with huge budgets. Heck...give me $40 K to make a record...I'll make you a record!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

almost forgot to blog, was packing it in, yawning and packing up the lawn chairs...

good night of viewing at home: Canada vs Slovakia, followed by a DVD created by ron gaskin of his own VTO festival. Very cool.

but tonights blog is an ode to Chris Banks. I invited him to our gig last night. He came down but was lured in to the hardcore/punk show next store and walked into our gig for last call after we had packed up. this was something many would think of doing, I actually joked about doing but it takes Chris Banks to do it.

Chris Banks ladies and gentlemen...

Monday, August 30, 2004

wow, bloggin like crazy these days. this one I could not resist.

I just discovered mp3 blogs. (thanks Carl Wilson's links page)

People post music you can listen to and talk about it. seems simple (not sure I could do it on my blog...we shall see)

check it out: (sorry, I didnt link it...)

very cool.


I really cant believe I am talkin hockey in August but: Canada does Play USA tommorrow night to open the World Cup. Now THIS is a gold we must get.

to make it all even more exciting; Canada plays Russia Saturday night. (Hockey Night in Canada!!??)

AND, the jazz-hockey league I have played in since I learned my first bebop head starts the following week. it is all falling into place!

hoser tim

Here is a new feature from the home office (i think I have done it before)

Tim's Top 5 played Cds

l. Bob Wiseman...blocks
2. St. Dirt Elementary School...oval window
3. the Silt...Rat Drifting
4. Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
5. Rush...(cover tunes)

sorry for the sketchy details, ie. no album title, just record co.

I was looking at a picture of my grandparents today as i was nodding off for a brief sunday afternoon nap (I have little choice when Leo falls asleep on my shoulder)

It got me thinking about death. I was thinking maybe the saddest thing about death isnt the end but the reality of time.

If I could stop time right now, and deal with all the elements I have been given, family friends and music. I think I would. i wouldnt wager that things will get better. Different, sure. But Iife is good, and it makes me a little sad that things will never be like this again. Friends will move, family will grow up....

Not sure what I am getting at, other than reminding myself to enjoy every day, and every moment.

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