Saturday, July 31, 2004

it appears that one must click on the time of the post in order to add a comment to the blog. This sounds way to difficult if you ask me.

I will have to contact the folks and figure out what I am misunderstanding about all this.

Yes, well...let's take a survey...since I can get messages that you this preferable. I guess I am being read from Croatia right up to just north of St. Clair Ave. (toronto) ...haha. Perhaps it was better when it wasnt "interactive?" Is the whole response-thing over rated?

Perhaps it was more of a voyeur type thing or just a way to check in occasionally with a friend.

I doubt readers will post anyways. People, in my experience generally tend to prefer to be anonymous.


things are title!!! lets see if it shows up. test, test, one two four three....

I am going to try having my blog able to receive comments. Let's see if I can figure it out. seems they want me to cut and paste html or something....hmmmm.

There is a review of Yashin Blake's new book on ECW Press in today's book section of the Globe. Yashin is one of the few critics I have ever had the pleasure of saying how creative his writing was. I should point out that he was reviewing Jazzstory in a great (now deceased) Toronto visual arts mag called Lola.

The book is fiction and has characters that seem to have involment or love or something to do with either Heavy Metal or Jazz.

I look forward to checking it out. To bad his reviewer is not at creative as he was for us. This critic seems to like the book but insists on being critical throughout the small review regardless.

Friday, July 30, 2004

I am not feeling really inspired to write but...can be good to get something out no matter how large or small...I was inspired and excited by my sister's photographs from her trip to China. Not only was the trip a massive effort, challenging for language reasons, beautiful architecture, family experiences, country vs city type travelling but she takes some great photos.

Is everyone an artist? I would certainly hang some of her photos in my house.

Other than that, I feel sort of in between things right now. i suppose getting home after being away does that too. Perhaps, I am already getting tired of the summer vacation type of living. Yes, I really do get happy when I get some work done (oh yah, I played a gig today...)

I was hoping to rent a dvd tonight but Queen Video closed at llpm. Must remember that; 11-11 365 days per year. I do have a new stack of computer magazines (thanks Danny!)...definitely my recent guilty pleasure.

Ok, guess I should sleep...


yes, I am back....but just in the door. In the spirit of technology....wanted to post right away. Seems there is some talk of virus....always wonder what is real and what is ....

Also, nice to get back on the same day that Carl Wilson made a nice mention of my new Cd in the globe and mail.


wow, that is some long url....maybe you should just buy the paper (heck they cut the trees already!)

Must get into bathing and such so I will write later,

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