Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hmmm, right now, I am inspired after a great evenings discussion about buddism with my dads cousing who is visiting. He left a book that I look forward to reading. also listening (as I type) to recent Steve Reich. Wow. It is beautiful and interesting. the dvd was so cool but now just listening. It is modern opera (okay,..not sure who would agree or disagree...) He alludes to that in theliner notes.

when I see what these two artists are creating together it seems inevidible to me to try something like this. technology plus art in the most honest sense.

I am also concerned about some little marks on my ibooks screen. seem like pieces of dirt that fell behind (is this possible.?)

I am also enjoying the wine we opened. (does that take away any weight this email carried up till now..haha)

btw, the Steve Reich is called Three Tales

Interesting technical note. I find some of the addivtive rhythms he chooses to be so obvious that it bothers me a bit. (ie. four against three etc.) It is like using obvious blues licks or something no?

Monday, June 28, 2004

I am glad the pollsters were wrong here in Canada. the election wasnt as close as we thought. It was getting scary!! Way to go Jack, next time we will go all the way!!


great night for a bike ride. the moon was great, air was crisp, people were happy. listened and watched from outside at the Scofield show. nice music. good guitar player.

nice night for a bike ride.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I would highly recommend a new toronto magazine called Spacing. checkout www.spacing.ca
It is kind of like adbuster but for torontonians almost exclusively.

It is only $5 in good mag shops. I saw it at Soundscapes.

cool photo piece on the website about the importance to our culture of postering.

I am so intertested in local culture, art etc. This, the Gleaner, emails, word of mouth, ie. socializing. you cant beat it. Some are eager to explore other continents, me...for now I want to check out my neighbours front stoop.

that is today....stay tuned for tommorrow.


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