Friday, May 21, 2004

what a great night at lees palace last night. brodie west and han bennink. packed....big party, great music, hot and sweaty may night. sex in the could smell it.. bloor street was and my bike and followed dave through the back alleys at lightning speed...we got there.. tons of friends, the big rock palace. very cool.

got up to the front so we could watch Han sweat! he was great...they were great. perfect venue for it. I said to reg that that vibe was probably a lot more like the good ol days, say art blakey or something than the sterile vibe of many of our clubs today.

the Ex were great too. I havent seen many punk shows in my day but these guys were tight. I will have to get a disc...need poetry and painting and poetry and painting and poetry.. that is a good one.

way to go Ron Gaskin...another great night. you are raising this city up like the stanley cup.

speaking of which I am out the door to the hockey rink!


Thursday, May 20, 2004

I was just watching Chris Dewdney in Poetry in Motion. Very cool. He is doing a reading at Hart House Circle (first floor) U of T. Tuesday May 25 at 730pm. I cant be there so I hope you can check it out!


heh, they are having a jazz night at the Scream literary festival this year.

I am programming it with Peter Mcphee. stay tuned for details. Lots of my fave poets and musicians will be aboard for this.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

sometimes I feel i get a little too honest or open here but as I listen to Bill Bissett's poetry this I dont think I have to worry. Poets are so honest and open sometimes it is much information?

I do enjoy it. It is like art therapy.

last night was my debut improvising with my laptop. Not long ago my friend rob and I realised we enjoy art where there is potential to fail...well, I may have done just that last night.

Not sure yet, without hearing the tape but....

I realise this morning that Peter and I have no template. At least I dont. there is no sound we are striving for from some other Cd, you know; that new Frisell disc, or like the ICP or an early Miles thing...

this is not to suggest we are breaking ridiculously new ground or anything...just going at it with blind passion I suppose.

It is exciting and certainly a little scary. I already look forward to thursdays show at soundscapes (630pm)


Monday, May 17, 2004

I am not doing a lot of conversing on the phone these days but when one is busy some fun quick email communication can be useful, fun and even kind of entertaining sometimes.

Please drop me a line at

how else will I find out about good deals on zambonis!!??


this is a blog post from the weekend in the boonies mixing my new record...although it sounds like I might be falling for producer ross murray i think it is just distracted thoughts after listening to one cut of music way too many times!! (written late saturday night sometime)


The relationship between producer and engineer is like that of lovers. You never really know what goes on behind closed doors of others. What are they really doing…whos leading…who makes decisions etc.

The engineer is a navel gazer, always looking at details where the producer must keep track of time, vibe, bigger picture etc.

It seems like each time I work on a record these things become a little clearer for me.

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