Friday, May 14, 2004

jumpin in the car to mix the new HOJO record w hornband. It is kind of exciting to head back to the quaint little town of Wakefield.

ross murray is a great guy to work with so we will have fun and get the job done...I am not as excited about the music as I have been....i think it is because i have listened to it too much...this could be good as it is about sound and hard work more than fun anyways when mixing...sometimes the fun gets in the way..

damn, looks like rain.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

It is fun having a rotation of music at home while working etc.

these days I am switching between Brodie west w Han Bennink, the new Lori Cullen; Uneven Hill and the new John Gzowksi...lots of good music in this city!!

Hope to see you at the tranzac club tonight for rob clutton band 7-10pm pwyc


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

the eternal quest for balance. My latest attempt is to work like hell with phone in one ear, computer under fingers, listening to music with guitar by my side while I am alone. then: when I am with my family...slow down completely...enjoy the moment, the love the beauty...and then it all starts over again the next morning....easier said than done perhaps.

I will let you know...

140 KPH....tim

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Was fun to get back into some rob clutton music last night. Will be interesting having a new person playing with us. I am glad that new person is one of my fave people and fave musicians. Brodie West. there are a few new ones and some fresh energy on some of robs older tunes. It is always special when this group gets together.

rob clutton quintet

tranzac front room
thurs. may 13 7-10

lina allemano- trumpet
brodie west- alto sax
tim posgate- guitar
anthony michelli- drums
rob clutton- bass

brunswick south of bloor. pwyc

Sunday, May 09, 2004

It was really fun to play with Ben Grossman last night. My first gig with a Hurdy Gurdy player and he is a whole lot more than, what a listener...improviser, melodicist....

i look forward to hearing the recording of that set. good work Johnny Dovercourt, long live Radio Music Gallery,
fridays 10pm 89.5FM

thanks to my bros and sis for coming too!!


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