Friday, April 30, 2004

I get criticized for supporting art simply because it is Canadian. i hope this continues...actually, I hope i can draw more attention to Canadian art with this tactic. who knows.

so..make sure you get out to see Winnipeg's latest offering in film by Guy Maddin. The Saddest Song. (i could have that wrong)

He is a total freak but a great film maker. His inspiration included really old black and white German films and you can feel that in his movies.

Ok...into the van and off to Wakefield.


Thursday, April 29, 2004

I just found the link for our gig tommorrow. Hope to see some Ottawa folk there!!

I know I should be thinking about the Jazzstory gigs for the next three nights but someone just reminded me about next weekend...(thanks randall)

It is a fundraiser for CIUT,( specifically the show Radio Music Gallery. It is one of my fave radio programs...fridays from 10-11am on ciut 89.5

It is a really interesting night of duos. I am performing with the Hurdy Gurdy player Ben Grossman. He is really interesting. hope you can check it out.

Yes...I realise this could potentially be game 7 of the Leaf's series. I am late....if not last on the bill and should be ok.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Had a great jazzstory rehearsal today. First time all of us played together since the grand festival of autumnal happiness.

It is a great band. amazes me how the minute we start playing there is a group sound that is like no other. I think so anyways.

I was reminded of a pat metheny essay i read years ago about how hard it was for him to be creative night in night out on a 250 date tour. the art of one nighters for a year etc. He had a point for sure. He was not complaining but just pointing out that those folks like me who tour for only weeks at a time wouldnt really be able to relate.
I was thinking today about the art of occasional touring. Jazzstory, as I said, hasnt played together in months...we are doing a radio broadcast live on friday and two other dates. we had a focused rehearsal today, refreshed anything that was newish and moved on. I am sure it will be a smokin mini-tour. It would surely be different if we toured for months at a time, all year long. I would like to try it someday for sure.


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Did you ever have those punching bag balloons as a kid. Not sure what they are really called. balloons attached to a rubber band. you bounce them off your fist...anyways, nothing more fun in our house right now than getting them both going at the same time, everyone is into it!

You have to laugh and have your mouth wide open (the only rules?)


Monday, April 26, 2004

the group we are playing a double bill with on Sunday at Wavelength (Sneaky Dees) is called Interstellar.

check them out at

Should be a fun double bill!!

so much fun seeing, hearing and hanging out with sound on survival. I hadnt seen Peter Valsamis in ten years since we were roomates at a poetry workshop in Banff. Felt like yesterday....funny...

Peter is really good on the mac and showed me a few tricks to save time and do some cool stuff that will be useful down the road.

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