Saturday, April 24, 2004

I had a lot of fun performing at the Rex tonight. I was glad I put the extra energy into preparing a bunch of tunes that would be easy yet fun to play. I like playing free type stuff at the always feels like opening my eyes when I prayed at church as a kid .... or something. I picked a bunch of really old ones that dont really have a regular home in any of my projects any more and a bunch of new sketches/ideas etc.

I felt a nice connection with the audience and as usual, that led to a nice number of CD sales. Cant ask for much more out of a night as I got to hear a bunch of friends playing after us in the William Carn Band.

Sure...I would do that again. Good idea Jesse!!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

I am looking forward to performing at the Rex saturday at 7-9pm. I am hoping to get these guys to play some of my tunes. It is a weekly jazz guitar series and I am the special guest.

It is an interesting notion to play original music, for one night, no rehearsal. There are things attached to this experience that make it unique; clear charts, spontaneous interpretation of the charts etc.

It would be easiest to play standards but I always feel a need to play some of my music to keep me happy and to mix things up for the listener.

Hope to see you there.


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Fun rehearsing with Jazzstory tonight (actually it was Being Helen...this is my little name for the group when we rehearse without Jean) We are trying to fix or perfect some of the tunes we started playing on the last tour. fun going back and making improvements. (international flavours, tomato plants, and an oldy but a goody coupe coupe)

Nice to have a hockey free night. I am looking forward to the Leaf game tommorrow though.

heh, check out

I just couldnt resist blogging this. While I am practicing (and really shouldnt stop for this...), I am enjoying the beautiful aroma of some flowers Julie has put down here. what a treat.

who says artists have to stop work sometimes and smell the flowers?...hahaha


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

heh, you can hear the Dinner is Ruined Band here:

we are playing at the Blacksheepinn with them on Friday April 30. check em out!


this could be a weird trend...writing my blog at the breakfast table. Oh sweet technology. coffee in me yet, still kind of waking up, perhaps a glass of water is needed first. Leo is in fine form, talking and singing like crazy. (hope it lasts) Looking forward to the big game tonight.

We really need Mats. i think he will play. must surf for some leaf gossip.


I cant believe Calgary beat Vancouver in overtime. I cant believe I am up at this time watching hockey. My friend scott will be happy tonight! (I dont know many flames fans) I guess my canucks shirt I was wearing today wasnt enough. go canada go.


p.s. Three point game from the captain (Iginla) that is what we need to hear tommorrow...please come back mats!!

Monday, April 19, 2004

I was out hearing the young hotshots at the Rex last night. Good players. I kind of wish I could play like that when I was 20. I am not interested in playing like that now but...some interesting writing, strong playing. I guess a little age, etc. a little space maybe....?

Oh well, fun to get out, hear some new players.


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