Saturday, April 17, 2004

Here is a neat piece I did for CBC arts Canada a couple years back on the rob Clutton band.

I finally have a computer that can actually view it.

there is a great lineup on Jazzbeat tommorrow night. Jean Derome with his Quebec pals playing standards (could be interesting eh?) as well as a live Scofield quartet concert. although Sco is a highly proven artist with a large, interesting body of work I am less interested in what he does recently. I am still optimistic as I love hearing a great guitarist play great music (not always a given)

Hope I remember to tune in after the Leaf game!

go Mats go.


My friend Steve was pointing out that my blog is "not the real me." (maybe a Who steve? hahah ) Simply because it is a public journal. good point.

I really do type off the top of my head most of the time (as you can tell by the lousy, unedited writing style) I dont plan what I am going to write before I sit down to do so. like right now, not sure why I am writing this at all.

But...occasionally I do think of things during the day I want to blog. I almost always forget them later. But, just momemts ago I read the Robert Everet-Green review of the Exclaim anniversary tour that I wanted to see and quite enjoyed his writing (as I often do)

It was so nice to see someone else pointing out that there was no Canadian artist on the bill of an anniversary show. I am often sticking my neck out and making comments like this but rarely get much support. I do feel we have to make Con-Can type efforts in presenters/promoters (are you reading Ron?) to get more Canadian art into the hearts and souls of our own.

I should point out that Exclaim is a really good paper that I read each month, buy ads and highly support. They too are very supportive of Canadian music between their covers. (this made the concerts lineup that much more suprising)

Friday, April 16, 2004

The Images festival looks so good this year! I havent been to the website but the program is always. There is so much good stuff...not sure which I will catch yet. Sam Shalabi from Montreal improvising with film should be good.

would like to have seen Tom Verlaine with films by Leger and that great American photographer...oh...memory....damn.

I am streaming wfmu while I type . always fun, never dull...sometimes amazing. It is in the same cutting edge spirtit that the Images Festival has that attracts me to both.

p.s. Leafs won tonight!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Oh my I am overdue about a poem for starters:

hockey, driving, la belle province
kids, hockey driving, music....ahhh music
gastrononique! Ohhh...driving...
hockey, beer....mmmm
I really like Toronto

go leafs go

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