Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I forgot to mention the amazing show I saw at the Rex last week. Rob Mosher put together a group
to play Ornette's music. Wow. I would give it 4.5 stars!! It was so much fun and so beautiful.

Greg Earl and Barry Romberg were the perfect Rhythm section. No suprise how great Kevin Turcotte
sounded and both saxophones including the special guest Tenor from Ottawa (no it wasnt Rob Frayne
did a really good job and should be commended for the excellent lifts and arrangements.

It was truly the best music I have heard at the Rex in years. (and there is a lot of really good music there)

there is so much coming up in TO right now it is out of hand. If you are not on the Soundlist
contact me to find out how. ( I am just a fan, not the organiser)

Mike Hansen's show was great again today on CKLN dont forget to pledge today at CIUT for
David Dacks from 6-8pm and Nilan and the boys from 3-5pm.

Toronto is going to explode things are so good here music-wise.

Way to go Ron Gaskin...always something (usually many things) contact him at

that man needs a blog!!

later, gator.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Is the concept of the paperless office really possible? I am losing stuff these days and certainly
look forward to trying it. I guess I am already pretty into electronic toys so getting into having everything
on computer shouldnt be that hard. Should it?


Monday, April 05, 2004

Lots going on; Andrew Downing winning a Juno...very cool. Yah Andrew and the great Uncles!

The Leafs open the playoffs against Ottawa this Thursday. Too bad its not the habs. I do look forward
to eliminating the Nations Capital once again.

I had lots of good thoughts at the gym...working out opens the mind? Jazzstory tour? Trying to
perform my new disc live again...hmmmm maybe working out leads to crazy thoughts...

I have enjoyed not having a remote for the television as it is so inconvenient that I only watch hockey.

Now that we have a new one, I wasted time flipping tonight. What an empty feeling. TV sucks!! (except for hockey of course)

bedtime for bonzo

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