Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I received the rough mixes of my new cd in the mail yesterday. Very cool. It is so exciting to hear what
the next record has to offer. I am dancing around the house listening and then all kinds of bad things (nothing
too serious..keep happening) thank god for the music. There is lots to go through...will have to bare down
and listen to details soon. All fun stuff. Reminds me why i love making records so much.


Please dont send any email as I have Eudora problems I cant seem to fix yet. If you emailed yesterday or today I probably didnt get it!

It reminds me why I like email so much. It is all about communication. I love to communicate. To some
people emails is a means of one way communication. I rarely feel that way. Sure it is an excellent
medium for transfering information but I generally enjoy the back and forth more than anything.

hoping to be up and running again soon. please phone if necessary 416 530-0688


Monday, March 15, 2004

poets, improvisers, lend me your ears. I was thinking of
looking for a venue for a regular poetry and improv night.


Sunday, March 14, 2004

Every now and again I think of thanking my partner Julie, in public, in private, on a blog (that I know she doesn't read).

I would get so little done if it wasn't for her. I used to think it would make a great book. "the jazz musician's lover"

There is often someone behind the artist that gets no credit but does so much. I suppose it is often talked about in the form of muse but i am talking about something even greater.

thanks Julie


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