Friday, January 30, 2004

What a great party! I got to hear the new CD over the warbly speakers for the outdoor skating....very funny.
Lots of good friends and artists that were a part of the making of this Cd. thanks for coming!!

The staff at Dufferin Grove were very cool and helpful. I loved the fact that Peter McPhee and I were both
wearing our skates for the performance. I have to post the photos somewhere (stay tuned!)

In the Future of Your Dream (having a skating party cd launch was a dream come true)

Lots of people pitched in to helo. Thanks. Rob Clutton really helped out. Yah Rob!!! Oh and Lina Allemano played
some trumpet that was the icing on the cake for sure.

Very cool, very cool. My favourite moment was thanking my son Dylan in public for all his inspiration etc.
I think he may have blushed for the first time in his life.


Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Heh, tommorrow night (thursday) is the big skating party. dont forget I will have Cds for sale there! It is also available at Soundscapes on College St. here in toronto and of course at

the skating party is from 7-830pm Thurs jan 29 at Dufferin Grove park

we are performing as a duo (peter mcphee and i) at about 8pm

should be fun, prizes, giveaways, it is Guildwood Records tenth anniversary after all. Hot chocolate by
the outdoor fire pit, mmmmmmm.

Looking forward to it!!

What a great winter day. I like snow even more than ever as my kids get older. I always liked winter as it
meant there is hockey to watch and play but now the white stuff (snow that is) makes me smile too.

I have noticed that some rise to the adversity of a snow storm and some fold. I think I have a strange obsession
with adversity. NOt sure where that comes from though.

Did the Leafs win? I was proud of my discipline to head downstairs to write after the second period.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Toronto's monthly literary newspaper The Word is worth picking up. (most good bookstores have it) Two
of my fave poets have regular columns; Stuart Ross and Bill Kennedy.

I just finished Bill's January column. Worth reading. He is talking about he problems with the Can Lit scene.
He is always funny and this time has some interesting ideas. Interesting to me as it seems to relate to jazz
and the music industry etc.

Although, I am a bit confused as I always use Can Lit as an example of one of our thriving cultural industries.
hmmmm....time for more research i suppose.


People are too concerned about rocking the boat to try and help the arts scene in general. of course, this is
not true for everyone and sure, it applies to me sometimes too...but; people should speak up and speak out a
little more often. Dont you think?

Just think about Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine) if you need that extra inspiration.

I think it also goes hand in hand with people worrying too much about their own well being and not worrying about their "neighbours" a bit (although, my very cool neighbour shoveled my walk in this crazy snow for me
today, knowing that I was with child..inside)

It seems (and maybe I am wrong) that many, even most Canadian jazz artists are at home trying to keep
what little work they have, rather than working together to make their local and national scenes better,
stronger and more creative!!

I love a good full day! Start off with some outdoor shinny hockey (do I always talk about shinny on Sundays?)
A little tobboganin with the kids and a really fun gig with Rob Clutton. It is a neighbourhood type jazz series
at a Restaurant in the east end. So much fun to get out and play. (i have been at home for so long...or so
it seems)

Rob and I have been playing together for so long, it is always pretty special when we get together (special for us that is!) It seemed like the folks enjoyed the blend of standards with a few of our own tunes thrown in.

Extra nice treat not having to drive...just looking out the window at things was a nice change. ( I am often the driver)

The highlight was play a tune or Robs called G7....really simple, really pretty!


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