Saturday, January 17, 2004

I am happy to report that Quinsin Nachoff's Magic Numbers concert was a success at the Glenn Gould last
night. Not only was it sold out but the music was fantastic.

The string quartet from Montreal played Nachoff's challenging and beautiful music with great accuracy and

The pieces that stood out for me (and many others I spoke with after) were Branches (a new piece written for
this particular ensemble) and the piece (title forgotten...sorry) that was just the String Quartet and Quinsin
on Soprano saxophone.

Jim Black put his usual stamp of individuality on the project. Unfortunately, it was hard to hear Mark
Dresser when he was playing Pizzicato bass.

It was great to be at the CBC building with many friends and creative jazz music fans. It felt a bit like a
special event that I see as a sign of good things to come for Toronto and perhaps all of Canada. It seems the
listening public, the CBC and the musicians are willing and interested to try out new things, and open our
ears for an exciting future in 2004 and beyond.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

I always find it amusing that many of the folks who would support the publishing, recording industry etc.
are the same folks who don't, as we dont make a lot of money from our art and end up borrowing ( and maybe
even burning...shhhhhhh.....) books, DVDs, cds etc.

With that in mind, I was amused to get the same kind of inspiration from the new Rush DVD that I did from the
New Pat Metheny (both borrowed!) The Rush interviews are great. The opening two cuts of Pat are fantastic.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Sometimes being an artist seems like such a selfish, independent journey. It is nights like tonight I rembember
how it would be impossible to continue withouth the help of special people.

Family comes first. No Doubt. My partner Julie is the best, and I couldnt do anything without her. She
is even sometimes my ghost writer/editor etc. My kids have yet to realise how much help they are
but their inspiration they provide is endless.

Two others who are so important and on my mind today are Ron Gaskin and Ted Phillips. Special guys
who really love music.

....back to my grant application.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I missed the Hubbub again. Damn. I taught too late tonight. I did get to catch last period of the Leaf game.
Wow they are good. Exciting to see all the new players up from St. Johns too.

What a fun, jam packed day. Great hang with an old friend (been too long!) He loaned me the Rush DVD..
Also a great Herbie Hancock concert too.

Then scooting around town with the sock...and we made the ferry! I am a lucky guy.

Dont forget to vote for the before January 15.

I have never had much of a work ethic when it comes to manual labour etc. (anyone from my family
is probably laughing right now if they are reading) but writing music is different.

I finished another chart for the Cd my Horn Band is making with Howard Johnson in February and it feels great.

Checking off another on the know...gettin there!
Pencil to paper can be hard work but I am over and out for this night. Tuesday, hmmm, hope to make
Hubub party at the Riv, thrown by T. Dick...we shall see!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Every time I go see a play I thinkk, "man, I should do this way more often!"

It reminds me of a discussion I get myself into quite often which is that people watch too many

I still think it's true. It takes a lot more planning and a little more money but it is well worth it. Toronto
is so full of great theatre. Ok, now is not the time for that argument....

Capture Me by Judith Thompson is a brave play. It is a also a wonderful, entertaining and beautiful
piece of art. I say brave because I felt that there was very little holding back here. She has a lot to say and
chooses exciting, poetic and subtle ways to say them.

Art is often such a focused lense, ie. lets look at this part of my brain or heart etc. This play is dealing
with mortality, evil, love, racial differences, and more.

Randi Helmers is great and I hope many get out to see this large (in the emotional sense) undertaking.

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