Friday, December 05, 2003

What a great Leaf game tonight! They are all playing so well. Stajan is so much fun to watch, probably mostly because he is 19. It is like music. Cool how the more experienced players take the kids under their wings etc.
I cant wait for the Rangers rematch already.

One point out of first overall! Yee haw!! This is the year.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I had an urge to check out some more electronic music. I borrowed a Cd by Montrealer Akufen. It is kinda
interesting at points. Left me wanting more. Ironically, also borrowed Elliot Sharp's Tectonics. Now this is
my kind of electronic music. Beautiful, abstract, great guitar playing...thanks David Dacks for loaning me some

Check out David's show on Ciut 89.5 in Toronto wedndesdays from 6-8pm

Monday, December 01, 2003

I would have liked to been celebrating with Dan Barnes at the Senator tonight regarding the release of his first CD as a leader. However, I chose to stay home to get some work done on my next cd. (deadlines approaching)

Seems, like I have chosen the repertoire which is exciting (something like 14 songs?) I wondered how starange that was....then picked up a nearby favourite cd of mine by Veda Hille and she had 14 songs too. cool.

I really want to thank (and I will) the folks who volunteer their time to run the Soundlist. this is such a
great way to know what is going on in Toronto's avant-garde music scene!!

I wouldnt have known about the broadcast of Eve Egoyan's performance
of To Weave on Two New Hours had it hot been for soundlist (Actually, Rob Clutton read it on soundlist too and thankfully called to remind me)

It was great to hear her play it again. She plays it way faster than we did. I would like to try that!

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