Thursday, November 13, 2003

Enjoyed watching a bit of Chretien's retirment party on CBC. It is always a treat to see Oscar Peterson.
He is so important!

I get nervous looking at Paul Martin. Can you relate? Will he continue to support the Canada Council?

Good review of Andy Milne's Cd in today's Eye Magazine as well as a very positive couple paragraphs from
Carl Wilson about the next two mondays in the GRand Festival. REmember, it has been moved to 319 Sapdina
Ave. Times remain the same.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

IF you have never been a member of an email subscription group, chat group etc. I would highly recommend it
if you can find a good one.

I am a member of Jazztalk which goes in waves (kinda slow these days) on being useful or entertaining.

But I just joined a hockey group, mostly poets talking about the Maple Leafs. What a gas. these folks have
typing energy, dedication to the game and knowledge that blows my mind.

I am sure you can find one these days on whatever topic keeps you up at night!

Just finished watching Fellini's Roma. Wow. Very beautiful, funny and breathtaking. It made me see where some
of the inspiration for Gambling Gods and LSD came from (P. Mettler) I could be wrong but I would bet.

Fellini really leaves us wondering what was real and what was staged. The scenes in the brothels are great.

I watched it on DVD and would love to see it on the big screen soon. The soundtrack was good but not great.

I wonder if Rota is better known for other Fellini films. Perhaps the subtlety was lost on me. Check it out

They have it at Balfour Books!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

This morning i am disapointed in the losing battle between commerce and art. (or even commitment or friendship)

The second night of the Grand Festival of Autumnal Happiness was all but ruined by the management at Revival going against their word and booking an industry showcase upstairs at the same time as our concert.

The previous week they moved us to another night (after our press was out, postcards printed etc.)

This is just another example of people making all their decisions based on commerce. (trust me, these guys
dont need the money!)

We have officially moved the last two nights of the festival to the New Works studio on Spadina (stay tuned
for details!) Lineup and times will remain the same.

At least David Miller won the election!!

Monday, November 10, 2003

It is interesting as a jazz artist to play in many styles. What is a style eh Brodie? hmmm.. Well, Friday nigh
was free, intense open music, last night was standards, entertaining at a restaurant (it had been a long
time since I had done that) and tonight is the Grand Festival (Jazzstory is from 9-10pm at Revival) with Jazzstory.

What's it all about? I dont know. I suppose one commonality is getting better and better at playing guitar.
Perhaps, being relaxed and listening is another. The energy, intent, result and feelings seem quite different
to me. Perhaps they dont have to be. I suppose any sort of expectations could play a big part in that.

All this talk, typing and thinking reminds me I had better get down to the studio and practise. Hope to see
you tonight!!

Sunday, November 09, 2003

MMMMMMM, good pancakes out of my kitchen this morning. Okay, no talking, Leo is in the office playing with
everything he is not supposed to....Leo!!!!!!!!!

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