Tuesday, October 14, 2003

John Oswald is a very interesting man. Do you know him? Know his work? Last week I went to a talk he
did that was very exciting. He played a recent DVD project (in the background) while we did a couple hours
of Q and A.

Thanks go out to Soundplay, here in Toronto. It is a festival of Silence, sound and space that featured John
in this free talk. He covered lots and was very articulate (no suprise) and entertaining.

My funniest memory is his experience with turning his tv upside down for months at a time when he was
a fair bit younger. He related the story of watching hockey this way which I loved.

The lecture was good inspiration to get back in his 69 96 CD and read the liner notes again etc.

I look forward to his solo performance in this years Grand Festival of Autumnal Happiness.

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