Saturday, August 23, 2003

Last week I went to hear some friends playing at the Rex here in Toronto. The only reason I knew about it
was that one of the musicians wives told me about it when I called the same night.

Is this a Toronto thing? Gig modesty? Lack of pr skills...lack of interest in having an audience? (yet quick to
complain about it!)

I find it funny that I know all four of them quite well yet not one of them called, told me in person or sent
an email. I am not criticising my friends, only making an observation. Do any other people have thoughts
about this?

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

What a treat catching BB King live last night! Who would have thought; last minute tickets for under fifteen dollars.
He was great. I had heard that he lost a step but maybe he was having a great night or a great tour. It was
music right from the source as my friend Dave said so accurately. He told us he was 77 and the band had played
in 80 some odd number of Countries. Cool. I love the blues. Everytime he played, sang or even spoke it was
beautiful and inspiring.

Jeff Beck opened. That was fun and exciting to start but wore thin pretty quick. He certainly has made some
great recordings though in the past. The sound did not help things for his set.

Yeah BB!! Long live the blues and long live you!! tim

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