Friday, July 18, 2003

I am so excited I am sure this will be brief; we are in Halifax (just arrived and wow is it great here!) I had to get to a computer to tell my friends about St. John's. If you havent been there (and I am amazed at how many friends I have who fit that description) you will freak out!

There is an amazingly unique culture and music scene there, not to mention that it is incredibly beautiful. We saw both whales and iceburgs. Thanks to Patrick Boyle and Mike Hansen for taking us on out trips. Every where we went we would meet people who said they were going to come to our gigs and...they did!! You are not in Toronto anymore Toto...

The local music is beautiful (already addicted to the Ron Hynes Cd I bought) and believe it or not our fave restaurant (although we had much happening fish and chips...including the dressing and peas!!..) was an Indian joint called International Flavours.

Met some cool folks in Moncton last night and looking forward to our gig on July 19 here in Halifax and then being part of the Roots Orchestra for a very special show on June 23...and then my family is going to show up here...yah.. I cant wait to see Julie, Leo and Dylan!!!

Drop me a line ok?

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